Stairway to Heaven Guide [Tales of Beseria / TOB]

This is the detailed guide to Stairway to Heaven. We will update this as we go along.

How to find the Stairway to Heaven

This is a Stairway to Heaven guide. The dungeon only appears after you beat the main story of Tales of Beseria.

  1. After finishing the story, speak to the cat near the Saviour’s Throne in the Danna Highway.
  2. Head to Kiraraus Volcano, enter, and take the warp that will teleport you further into the Volcano.
  3. Cross the territorial waters and go through the Kiraraus Volcano all the way to the end to reach the Stairway.
  4. Completing the Stairway to Heaven dungeon will result in events related to the Genius.
  5. After finishing the dungeon, a hot spring event will occur, should you touch the warp near the cat.

During a Period 

1.Between the  Dark Fire 

Exorcise all the Dark Fires in the area. If you observe the largest Dark Fire, you will fight a large horde of enemies. Thefoes generate a small fire when you defeat them. Fortunately, the time limit clears all the small fires.

A small fire appears one after another over time. Remember to put out all the fires before the new fire emerges! Touch a small fire, and it triggers a battle between you and enemies.

After defeating your foes, investigate the big fire after touching all the small fires first.

2. Foul Alcove

Keep moving forward so you don’t hit the foul fires. Remember to use reabodo

3. Boss: “Basilisk”

Slay this boss, and retrieve the evil quartz, “The Maiden Crystal of Kindred Leaves.”

Between Two

Beat this basilik and proceed to the area where you could find Katz. Heal, so you can restore physical strength and create a warp here.

1. Foul Alcove

Don’t touch the foul floor!

2. Between the Foul Fire

In the same way as before, in places such as the ruins, you must pay a dark fire. Because you can help it, you can clear it very easily using Little Impurity Detection.

3. Boss Encounter: “Vee Ville”

Get the magic crystal, “Ten-armed McCaw Akira.”

Between Three

White Numbers: Locations 

Yellow Number: Treasure Chest 

Red circle: Katz Box

1. Between the Cat Spin

The item is available in large quantities. The number of items is around 500 pieces.

2. Between the Foul Fire

Pay some fire of defilement and use the Small Impurity Detection skill, since it will help a lot. Even if you put out all the blazing fires, the time limit will continue to count dow2n, so head to the northeast hill. You’ll stand on a rock by  the big filthy aid.

3. Boss Encounter: Illunyanka

After this boss fight, you’ll fight a magical crystal called “Twin First of Magic KazeAkira.” As well as a Hot Spring costume for Magiruu.

Between Four

Map 1F

Map 2F

1. Between Candlestick 

The door next to a particular candlestick and mirror supports. Note that all the candlesticks will light up and you’ll be able to walk through the door of a big mirror.

2. During Foul (Rouraine) 

You’ll pay another fire of defilement in the area of Rouraine. You’ll find some help in the flower next to the exit to the next area.

3. Boss Encounter: Leviathan 

After this boss fight, obtain the “Imitating Maen Crystals” Ma crystal.

Between Five

  1. During Normal Working Magic

    This area usually has wandering works of magic. Ignore the businessmen and proceed.

  2. Between the Cursed Land Island and the Foul Fire

    You should pay the filthy fire in Carse Land Island. Note that there’s a big foul fire in the bottom area, and you’ll find the objective in Warehouse 2F, opposite the start point.

  3. Boss Encounters: Fabuniru

    Defeat this boss and obtain the Shikiyari magic Kaze Akira. Also, you’ll obtain a Velvet Hot Spring Costume. 

Between Six




Front of the Temple

1. Between Candlestick

Ignite the candlesticks. The door of the mirror opens and closes, depending on how your candlestick is attached.

2. Between Dark Fire (Throne of the Savior) 

Put out the Dark Fire. You’ll find another big fire between the stairs. You can extinguish it by taking the object at the back of the wall on the right side of the door. Note that Scarlet Night might happen.

3. Boss Encounter: Aji-Dahaka

You’ll receive “Ma steel crystals-homologue division.,” as well as Eleanor’s hot spring costume.

Seventh Area 

When you climb up to the highest staircase, an event will trigger. After this event, you’ll encounter a hot spring event.

Stairway to Heaven Perks 

  1. Events on Seirei and Elyos of Truth
  2. Dungeon without a Signature series is now available.
  3. Hot Spring Event
  4. Final Boss (Artorious) can now be fought.


Candlestick Guide 

Note that the candlesticks all correspond to their in-game color, while the yellow number refers to a treasure chest.

You should put out all blue candlesticks and turn all the red ones into blue. The door to the next area will open.

Area 1 

  1. Put the fire out of blue 3.
  2. Turn off blue 2 and put a fire on red 2.
  3. Next, turn off blue 1 and put a fire on red 1.
  4. Activate  red 3.
  5. After that, turn on blue 1.
  6. Turn on blue 2.
  7. Activate blue 3.The door will open once you complete the sequence.

Area 2

stairway to heaven

  1. Put out blue 1 and blue 2.
  2. Then, turn off blue 3.
  3. Turn on red 1 and 2.
  4. Next, activate red 3.
  5. After that, turn on blue 3.
  6. Turn on blue 2 and blue 1.The door will open once you complete the sequence.


Items Guide 

  1. Mithril Bag, Leaf, Garment
  2. Elixir
  3. Pichigumi
  4. Life bottle
  5. Nekonin Box (525)
  6. Denorebotoru
  7. Apple Gummy
  8. Soul Bottle
  9. Rustic Pendant
  10. Mithril bracelet
  11. Adamantine bracelet
  12. Titan Knuckle
  13. Demon Bash

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