Bienfu [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

Character profile for Bienfu, Eleanor Hume's Malak companion.



Age: 150

Race: Seirei/Malak

Occupation: Companion

Weapon: –






Bienfu acts very childish, but he would often show a little bit of an old man-like attitude towards others due to his age. However, he is very polite when speaking to people, especially to those he cares about the most.


Bienfu is a Normin Malak who formed a contract with Eleanor Hume, making him a companion and vanguard to the young lady. Whenever Eleanor is in danger, the malak would immediately come to her aid. He is first seen when Velvet battles Teresa and Eleanor fights her off. When Velvet crosses paths again with Eleanor, he takes his place as Eleanor’s companion. He buffs her during combat and often lends support spells to keep her going.

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