Chapter 4-2 walkthrough [Tales of Beseria / TOB]

Chapter 4-2 is the continuation of Chapter 4-1. This is where The Abbey truly begins to hunt you down by sending their best Exorcists.

Chapter 4-2

Overview of Chapter 4-2

This is Chapter 4-2, a continuation of Chapter 4 of Tales of Beseria Walkthrough. Please refer here for Chapter 4-1.

Pioneer Village, Stoneberry 

Items List

Chests Mellow Liquid
 Low Grade Powder
 Feld Fragment
Herbs Red Verbena
Red Lavender
Katz Box Eizen’s Normin Costume


Welcome to Stoneberry!  There’s a lot of ! markers here. Have fun exploring!

Chapter 4-2
source: youtube

In the south field, by the barrels is a Red Lavender

You should go around the tree behind the save point  to obtain the Mellow Liquid. To know if you’re there, there’s a monster hunter next to the save point. There’s also a Katz box here, which requires 200 credits to open. In the katz box is Eizen’s Normin Costume. 

North of the katz box is a guy regales you about the time he went to Rogress. When you trigger his dialgoue, he mentions how he saw a Daemon attack exorcists from The Abbey. After that, head behind him for a Red Verbena. From there, head to the upper east end behind the house for a chest with Low Grade Power. If you go to the pond then, you’ll be able to see a chest with a Feld Fragment. 

While looking around the city, check out the item shop. The shop sells a variety of Feld-type weapons and new armours, including the Force Ring.

After venturing around, head towards the inn where you find Zaveid drinking hard liquor. When you approach him, a guild member will approach you.

Upon leaving the village, the Katz will provide you a rareboard since he can’t ride it. In a comedic moment, the party must invoke Bienfu’s real name, Normin Brave

Take note: the Rareboard memorizes your map’s information. Head to a blue icon on your map to receive a tutorial. You can use the rareboard by holding down R2 as you move.

Opposite the Stoneberry Entrance is a warp  on the west wall, bringing you back to the western map. The cliff is significantly nearer now. If you head up that cliff, you will trigger a cut-scene.

Boss: Shenlong

Shenlong - Chapter 4-2
source: youtube
Level 62
HP 90714
Weak to Normal Fire
Resists Wind, Earth, Water

You won’t need to finish off Shenlong. After dealing an amount of damage, Zaveid appears and triggers a cutscene.

Go back to Stoneberry and stay at the inn for some cutscenes. After this, go back to the ship. Using a Denole Bottle will get you to Rogress. If you stop by Rogress, you can play as Eleanor at the waiter mini-game. Another minigame awaits you inside the tavern.

The White Turtlez are outside the harbour entrance. They have a letter for Eizen.

After this, go back to Titania via the ship. When you’re in control, you can find the rareboard data in the northwest corner. You’ll need to go down some stairs.

Go to Velvet’s cell for a gold star.

Around this time, Laphicet will find a large leyline point near Helvisa.

Return to the entrance for another gold star.

Helvisa – Revisited 

Upon arrival, you can go around to talk to various people. There isn’t much vital things to do here. However, make sure you get important details from the people you talk to.


Magilou Troupe Conquers
  • Converse with the bald man at the tavern in order to perform a skit between Magilou and Laphicet.

Lucky Nor-God Doll 

  • Head to Cadonics Harbor and approach the thing between the shop and the chest for  a lengthy dialogue. After this, you’ll get the doll.

Laphicet and Ancient Secret Medicine 

  • Go to Figal through the warehouse. You’ll find a unicorn horn ingredient when you see the “!”.
  • Find Reneed and converse with Live, who tells you that the elixir is a cure to a strange disease that will kill you on your 12th birthday.
  • Head to Gallis Lakeroad to find the last ingredient. You should enter from the Aldina Grassland entrance. You’ll find rareboard data in the first area. After this, head to the upper west exit to the ! marker, a shiny spot behind a boulder.

After revisiting the whole town, head to the north exit to the next dungeon. You’ll find some rareboard data for Figal at the top of the ice slide.

Fordis Historic Ruins 

Items List

Chests Arcana Bottle
Runner’s High
 Mellow Liquid
Holy Bottle
All Divide
Force Ring
Saturn Field
Herbs Red Verbena
Red Lavender

Upon entering the ruins, you should go through the north door. In the northern area lies a Katz Box that  you can open with 320 katz. Next to that room is a chest with an Arcana Bottle. 

Next to this area, take the east exit. Light torches on both ends to open the doorway. Once you get to the next area, head to the north exit. You’ll find some rareboard data there. You will also find a pair of chests with Runner’s High as well as Mellow Liquid. 

Now turn back and head south. You’ll find a chest with a Holy Bottle  at the first turn. Continue to walk down the path. Once you’re at the bottom of the map, head northeast to the exit marker. Make sure you light the torch on the east side, then head south. Go all the way to the west end, and light the torch before ascending the steps for All Divide as well as Katz

Return to the west side of the exit for another torch, opening the door behind it to retrieve the torch. Taking the exit to the next area, you will discover a cut-scene and be attacked by monsters.

In this next area, you’ll find torches on both sides north of your starting point. This unlocks a northern door. Before you enter that door, take note of the chest just south of it. This chest has a Force Ring. Take the path down, and in the room at the bottom, you’ll see that both torches are in the south, on opposite ends.

Somewhere in the area, you’ll also see a save. You’ll also find a Life Bottle and a Red Verbena inside a chest nearby.

Head to the next area, lighting four torches in the room. Make a break for the gold star, which triggers a cutscene . Kill the incoming snakes to trigger another cutscene. After this, she attacks you with three Rock Golems.

Boss: Medusa 

Medusa boss - Chapter 4-2
source: youtube
Level 39
HP 53550
Weak to Earth
Resists Fire

Be careful around Medusa. True to her legend, she can petrify you via stares. When fighting her, make sure you move around and time her stares. Not only will you keep consistent damage but also, deal heavy damage. Since her weakness is Earth, rely on Earth spells from both Magilou and Laphicet.

After a few minutes of cut-scenes, the game gives you control again. Take the east path, and leave. Light the torches and head south. After this, take the immediate exit to go up a level, and light the torches at the west end. Enter through the door here, and then head to the norht door.

Now head east, and midway in the north room, you’ll find a Red Lavender. Southeast of this room is a Saturn Field. 

You’ll find 3800 GALD in the northeast room, as well as another normin doll.

Now, return to Helvisa. Once you enter, a scene will trigger that takes you to Titania.

After all this, you can go around town to listen to new  dialogues that will help you in the story.

At the Inn in Cadonics Harbour, you’ll initiate another part of Rokurou’s sidequest, aptly named Rokurou’s Demon Sword

Rokurou’s Demon Sword (Sidequest) 

Backtrack to Vordigan.  Go to the rooftop you previously leaped off the first time you went there.

On this roof, you’ll square off against Lancelot. 

Level 61
HP 54942
Weak to Water
Resists Normal, Fire, Earth

After this, you may now talk to Benwick and head to another location.

Tarieshin Harbor

Items List

Chests Mellow Liquid
 Life Bottle
Arcana Bottle
4350 Gald
Herbs Red Saffron
Red Rosemary
Katz Box Soothing Cat

When you’re finally given control, head to the north end, where that noisy cat lies. Down the steps will be a Red Sage. Go around and uphill. You should take the exit to the next area for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, head up the stairs and check the corners for a Katz Box. Spend 230 to open it for a katz and a Soothing Cat. Now, you can go to the main square.

Note that the item shop will sell Quartz series of items, as well as some new rings.

Of note is a chest up the steps and beside the building. It will have mellow liquid inside.

Take the stairs to the left, keeping an eye on teh wall. There will be a small crevice with a ladder you can climb. Ascend the ladder until you get to the roof. After this, to get an Arcana Bottle, you could jump down the other end to find the chest containing one.

Go back now to the main area. You’ll find a red saffron behind some kids in school uniforms with a ! marker.

Head west, going down the stairs. You’ll find a red rosemary. After that, head back up the stairs. You should turn around for the rareboard data, and follow the path for 4,350 GALD.

After this, go back to your save point. Go down the stairs next to your save point will bring you to a tavern containing the monster hunter before. Receive 15,000 for defeating lancelot earlier!

After this, go back to the main area and head through the southern exit.

Pranaha Lakeside Bluffs 

Items List

Chests Mellow Liquid
 Life Bottle x2
Beast Ring
4350 Gald
Herbs Red Sage
Red Lavender

Upon entering, you’ll find a Life Bottle by the west wall. Head to the next area and climb the vines. You’ll get a Beast Ring. Proceed south, staying near the wall. You’ll see vines. Climb those vines and get 4,350 GALD. After that, there will be a small stream you could use to slide down. Pick up the Katz and rareboard data, after which, slide down again to the main level.

You’ll find a Red Sage behind a big tree just south of the vines you climbed. You can cross the bridge to the east for a long conversation, after which you should walk onto the stream. Obtain the katz under the bridge,  after which you should continue up north through the stream.

At the northernmost point, is a chest with Mellow Liquid. You should head back across the rocks and ascend the hill for another Life Bottle.

Now, backtrack. Go back to the bridge. From there, go east, ascending a slope. You’ll find a Red Lavender behind the tree. After this, go back south to the red marker to fight the Dangerous Smell.

Dangerous Smell

Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Dangerous Smell 44 63866 Fire Wind

You’ll also find a Katz box nearby. It’s between the marker and the exit. Open it for 245, and leave the area.

Morgana’s Forest 

Items List

Chests Runner’s High
Quartz Blade
Soul Bottle
Quartz Doll
Quartz Bag
Life Bottle
Beast Ring
All Divide
Grape Gel
5,600 Gald

Upon entering the area, make your way to the northernmost part of the map to pickup a Runner’s High. Using the path, head to the next exit. Here, the northeastern part contains a chest containing a Quartz Doll. Head south to exit the area.

You’ll see a save area at the first fork in the road. Choose the eastern path to obtain a Quartz Bag. Walk south along the path to see a cutscene and fight. You will face off against the menacing Zenomantis


Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Zenomantis 42 57712 Fire Water/Earth

Upon entering that area, head to the first exit east. Note that there’s a katspi and a chest containing a life bottle in the area. Backtrack and walk the path to the next east point. You’ll find another Katz box at the end of the path, which costs 250 to open it. Walk along the path so you can head to the next east exit. Head south to get the rareboard data.Go back to Nico. She’ll tell everyone that Velvet’s returned. Once you have control, walk down the southern path to receive a quartz blade. Walk the path to the upper eastern exit.

After this, head north over the stream with the rareboard. Note that the area there has a red marker. Here you’ll face another menacing monster.


Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Behemoth 46 75820 Wind Water

You’ll find a Beast Ring here. Return to the Katz box and head for the south exit. You’ll find yourself on the south side of the previous fork in the road. Follow the path until you find a Soul Bottle. Cross the stream via rareboard, heading south for an All Divide. 

Go back to the place with the rareboard data and head east. When you get to the northeast dead end, you’ll find a Grape Gel hidden in a chest. After this, head for the eastern exit. From the village entrance, go west, climbing a hill to get a chest with an Inofle Bottle. Make sure you do save your progress, because things are going to get dicey eventually.

Abal (revisit) 

Items List

Chests Old Spear
Herbs Red Sage x2
Red Lavender
Katz Box Eleanor’s Earth Normin Costume

Once you gain control, walk north towards the eastern exit. Take note of the Red Sage lying on the steps of the second house. Go back, moving past the huge crowd to take a chest with an Old Spear.

Go to Velvet’s house. After this, get the Rareboard Data behind Velvet’s house as well as a Red Lavender. On the other side of the house is a Katz Box, which you can open for 250. Receive a Katz as well as Eleanor’s Earth Normin Costume. After this, go back to the town.

There are many, many small encounters here, so comb the area before heading out to Morgana’s Forest. When you’re done, head back into Abal to Velvet’s House.

After a long cut-scene, go back to the village. The villagers transform into demons, and you will have to fight them.

Quelling Woods (Revisit)

Items List

Chests Apple Gel
Herbs Red Saffron
Red Rosemary
Red Verbena
Katz Box Velvet’s Fire Normin Costume

Similarly to your first time here, walk down the path. Just north of where you found the rareboard data is a Red Verbena herb. Using the rareboard, head west. You’ll see a chest. Open it to obtain the Apple Gel. Head north, following the stream to obtain some katspi. There will be a fork with some rareboard data. After picking up the data, head east. There will be a save there as well as a boulder. Wreck that boulder and enter the small shaft. You’ll see a Red Rosemary. Walk down the path west and jump down.

Go back to the save point and exit so that a cut-scene will trigger.


Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Orthos 43 61981 Wind Fire/Water

Go back to her house after this scene. There will be a red mark on this map. Here, you’ll meet another monster: Fullmetal Bone. 

Fullmetal Bone 

Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Fullmetal Bone 49 43100 Fire Normal

Outside of this platform, there will be a Katz Box on its northeastern side. You’ll need 250 to open it. Open it to obtain a Katz as well as Velvet’s Fire Normin Costume. 

You’ll see on a platform, on to of which is katpsi. Eastward, you’ll see a Red Saffron. Return to Abal and Velvet’s home. Go back to Laphicet’s bookshelf, and you’ll find no book there.

There are many ! moments here, so check them out. You’ll see them in Velvet’s Room,  as well as by the bookshelf near Laphicet’s bed.

Head back to the harbor. Note that you’ll have lots of conversations a long the way, so you might have to walk.

In Tarieshin Harbour, there are ! marks by the Kids in Uniform, the Guy near the church, as well as the one by the seafood stall.

After you’ve fully explored the harbour, you can go to the next location by talking to Benwick

Lionel Island Wharf

Items List

Chests Grape Gel
Arcana Bottle
Katz Box Angel Wings

You’ll find yourself on an island. Once you get control, talk to one of the guild members near the save. According to the guy by the item shop, there’s an Abbey tent nearby that’s abandoned.

Behind the tent, you can find a Grape Gel. Behind the western tent is an Arcana Bottle. On the other side is a Katz Box. With 275, you’ll be able to open it. You’ll receive a Katz and Angel Wings. 

Head north to the northern exit, and leave the area.

Bield Marsh

Items List

Chests Panacea Bottle
Grape Gel
Arcana Bottle
Military Hike
Summer Waistcoat
Life Bottle x2
6000 Gald
Infini Ring
Bag of Freya
5,600 Gald
Soul Bottle
Quartz Boots
Herbs Red Chamomile
Red Sage
Red Lavender
Katz Box

Before proceeding, change the glowing spell from red to blue. When you enter the area, head southwest from the starting zone across the rocks. Change the green spell into yellow and grab the Panacea Bottle from the chest on the other side.

Return back and then head northeast. Activate the spells here before you go to the next area. The specific spell is located is northeast, right behind the arch. Change the spell color to yellow and obtain a Life Bottle. After that, head to the west exit. Grab the chest with 5,600 Gald to the north just before jumping the rocks. Don’t bother to get to the end of the path; it’s a dead end and Katz.

In the next area, change the spell so you can remove the blockade. There’s a Katz with a Katz Box nearby. Although it’s 300 Katz, it only drops  Katz.

Go back and turn the spell to red. Walk south and then west for the Grape Gel. Follow the path and change the yellow spell to green. After this, you’ll see a cut-scene.

Once you regain control, do a 180 and take the Red LavenderWhile moving along, you’ll find a boulder. Break it to proceed. You’ll see the fire spell and a chest that contains 6,000 Gald. Change the fire spell into blue then, leave the area.

When you leave, there’s a green barrier. Go around it and change the blue spell to red. Walk forward and look behind the green spell to retrieve a Soul Bottle. For now, you don’t need to change the spell. Head south of the fire barrier and find a spell so you can change it to Blue. Approach the red marker. Walk north and grab the Arcana bottle from the chest. 

Here, you’ll face another monster.

Million Dollar

Level 52
HP 74573
Weak to Wind
Resists Water

When you head back, look for the spell you turned blue and turn it back to red. After that, walk south across the rocks. When you’re back on the grass, find the Infini Ring chest by making a u-turn going northeast. Head east of the barrier across the rocks to find some rareboard data and a spell. Alter its color to yellow, then backtrack and leave the area.

To the north is a Katz and a Red Sage. After this, you head west to the west exit. When you arrive, you’ll see a fire spell. Behind it is a chest containing an Hourglass. Alter the color from red to blue. After saving, go north.

After that, you’ll find yourself by a couple of rocks and some paths. Take the southeastern most path across the rocks to find a Military Hike. After this, head back and go all the way northeast. You’ll find a chest with a Bag of Freya. After this, go back to the previous area. Change spells so that they are red as well as green. Note that you  can go south across the rocks and break the wall at the end, so you can have a shortcut back to this dungeon’s start.

After all that, walk towards a northwestern silver chest behind the bunch of ruins. You’ll find a pair of Quartz Boots. Leave the area. You’ll find a chest heading south with a Summer Waistcoat. After this, walk the path, listening to the musical cues. Walk until the music stops. Head to the east ledge for a chest to obtain a Valkyria. 

You passed by Oscar, so come and approach him. After a cutscene, you’ll face a couple of monsters.

Boss Fight: Teresa & Oscar

Boss Teresa - Chapter 4-2
source: youtube
Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Teresa Linares 44 58757 Normal Fire/Wind
Oscar Dragonia 45 53102 None Earth

There will be a set of cutscenes after the battle. After you regain control of your characters, head back to Lionel Island Wharf for another cutscene.

After that, find the monster hunter knight and receive 7,800 gald for a hunt you previously did. You’ll find an item shop by Benwick. We suggest you stock up on items. Head back to Titania. After the cutscene, you’ll be plunged into another battle.

Boss Fight: Earth Exorcist and Water Exorcist

Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Earth Exorcist 46 14854 Wind Water
Water Exorcist 46 9400 Earth Fire

Apparently because they’ve been boosted, they can’t contain the power. After defeating them, they explode. When you regain control, go back and talk to the ! marker, who will guard the southern port.

Head to the save point and go inside. Look for the gold star. On the way, you’ll have to go through enemies.

When you arrive at teh gold star, you’ll find Kurogane, Medisa as well as Moana. After the interactions, walk to the prince as well as Griffon. Go back to the south port.

After a cutscene, go back to the northern port and use the prince to get a ship and escape!

You’ll find yourself in another battle with another foe.

Boss Fight: Kanonushi 

Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Kanoushi 65 67567 Fire Normal/Wind


Items List

Chests Peach Gel x11
Apad Ring
Peach Gel
Life Bottle x4
Soul Bottle x3
Grape Gel

When you enter the area, save up. After which, you should head up north. Fight through some enemy encounters before taking the warp pad. When you head up, walk down the path and head through the southwest side. There’s a dead end southward, with a Life Bottle chest. Head to the warp via the path, and be aware of the Peach Gel chest west of the warp.

After warping, there’s another cutscene waiting for you. You’ll meet Rokurou and Eizen. After that, head east all the way to obtain an Apado Ring. After that, head to the south warp and warp. You’ll have a long conversation there. After that, leave the area.

In this next area, you’ll find a fork and take a north warp to find a chest with 5 Peach Gels. Backtrack and take the south warp. Walk down the path. You’ll find 3 Life Bottles along the way. Use the north warp to warp to the next area.

Walk down to the red dungeon marker, and save up. After which, warp. In the next area, you’ll find 3 Soul Bottles north of your location. Walk to the gold star for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will fight a monster.

Boss Fight: Chimera

Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Chimera 48 73846 Fire Normal/Earth

After defeating the Chimera, you find yourself going through another set of cut-scenes. When you’re finished with those, you’ll fight Melchior and No.1. 

Boss Fight: Melchior & No.1

Melchior & No.1 - Chapter 4-1
source: youtube
Enemy Name Level HP Weak to Resist
Melchior 49 63474 Wind Normal
No. 1 49 17195 Normal None

With that, you finish Chapter 4-2 and the whole of Chapter 4! Congratulations! You just finished Chapter 4-2.

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