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Fans of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been eagerly anticipating today’s release of The Last Guardian, the spiritual successor to the memorable fantasy games of the acclaimed series. The Last Guardian marks the first in the franchise to harness the capabilities of 8th generation consoles, and is set to deliver an even more massive experience than ever.

Since its announcement at the 2009 E3 event, The Last Guardian has heightened expectation as to what the latest installment is set to bring to the table. Its release was originally planned for October 25, but had to be moved to December 6. As it comes out today, we look back at all the previously released footage and gameplay demo of the Last Guardian.

Source: Youtube

Players take on the role of a young boy kidnapped from his home and held captive in a mysterious castle who stumbles upon the giant winged creature Trico. They form an unlikely friendship as they go forth on a strange and beautiful adventure.

If you didn’t catch the 2016 E3 trailer, just watch the video below!

Source: Youtube

Meanwhile, you can check our The Last Guardian wiki page for walkthroughs and game guide soon!

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