Dhoulmagus Boss Guide [Dragon Quest VIII/ DQ8]

Dhoulmagus Boss Fight - If you're wondering how to beat him, look at the guide below.


Good ol’ Dhoulmagus has a bone to pick with you. And not just him, Dhoulmagus went demon the moment Lord Rhapthorne turned him into his mindless minion. Unfortunately, you’re stuck dealing with Dhoulmagus who has two forms and multiple clones to deal with. To defeat him, there are two phases.


Name HP MP Attack Defense Agility Experience point Gold Item
Dhoulmagus 1880 202 128 78 4300
Dhoulmagus Clone 570 176 128 86 4300


Attack Range Damage Notes
Opens Hands Self Splits self into three
Normal Attack Single 50
Wind Sickles Single 70
Throw Debris Single/Double 80 Hits random opponents with debris
Intimidate Single Puts a single character to sleep
Thousand Whips All 40
Thin Air Attack All 40
Wave of Ice Attack All Nullifies all stats
Multiheal Self/All 80 Heals 80HP


The best preparations you can make for clobbering this guy is to have the Hero at least at level 29 or 30 (if you don’t want to pull your hair out). The reason for this is that the Hero can learn Multiheal which will definitely save your life during the fight. If you’re not at that level yet, check out the guide how to hunt for metal slimes and where to find them to boost your character’s EXP quick and easy. At this point, Angelo and the Hero will be the one to deal high DPT (Damage per Turn) with occasional heals.

If you have x2 Dragonscales, mix them with the Snakeskin whip to get the Dragontail whip for Jessica to boost her power. Also, pick up a few Yggdarasil leaves by stashing them in the Alchemy Pot to continuously buy from the girl who sells them. But the best from every bazaar, especially armours that have high magic resistance. Get the Zombie Slayer for the hero (mix the Holy Talisman with the Zombies Bane) to help you get through the Dark Ruins without much difficulty.

Make sure that either Yangus or Jessica has a Magic Water on them to fuel Angelo.

Phase 1

Dhoulmagus will split himself into his other clones. They deal as much damage as he does but lucky for you, their HP pool is rather small. Take them out first and leave the Dhoulmagus in the middle. After taking out both clones, focus purely on attacking and healing. While having both Yangus and the Hero attack, have Jessica constantly cast “Oomph” on both players while they attack. Have the Hero alternates between Healing and attacking whereas Angelo will be the main attacker. But the moment Dhoulmagus starts using Wave of Ice, have Angelo do the healing while the Hero attacks. Don’t bother healing the Sleep condition. The next attack will wake them up.

Phase 2


Name HP MP Attack Defense Agility Experience point Gold Item
Dhoulmagus (Second Form) 2640 210 135 74 12000


Attack Range Damage Notes
Normal Attack Self 70 Splits self into three
Combo Attack Single 25~125
Kasizzle Single 40
Kacrackle All 40 Hits random opponents with debris
Blazing Fire All 60 Puts a single character to sleep
Feather Arrows All 80
Intimidating Scream All Knocks out a character for a turn
Wave of Ice Attack All Nullifies all stats
Multiheal Self/Heal 80 Heals 80HP

Lucky for you that if you manage to defeat the first form but die in the second, you’ll only have to fight the second form.


This is where Dhoulmagus gets annoying. Not only can he multi-attack but also nullify buffs and attack twice per round. If you have Multiheal, your life will get easier. If not, be prepared to have Angelo/Hero cast Full Heal on whoever needs it. Since he can easily dispel your buffs, stick to one. Have Jessica cast Oomph on both Yangus and Hero before attacking with Twin Dragon Lash. While bolstering, Dhoulmagus will throw some spells at your way so have Insulate or Magic Barrier up to lessen the damage of the incoming magic spells. Just play conservatively; don’t have anyone’s HP drop too low for you to heal.


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