Ultimate Dragon Boss Guide [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

Ultimate Dragon

7320 ? ? ? 350 ? ? ? ?

Behavior Pattern: Behavior twice per turn

Normal attack: 350 damage
Tension: Increase tension by one step.
Tension x2: Increase tension twice


Name Range Damage Notes
Normal Attack 350
Disruptive Wave Nullifies all buffs and debuffs
War Cry Stuns a whole group with a scream.
Icy Wind 130 whole damage
Magic Burst 280 whole damage

Ultimate Dragon Strategy

After using tension, use fire or snowstorm. Depending on the enemy’s tension, 500 damage may be exceeded. If you raise the speed quickly with peorim, it is also effective to erase tension with Molly’s gold finger when the enemy finishes turning in a state that it was done.

When the tension is 50 or more, it is also necessary to defend or not to be attacked.

Often the ultimate dragon attacks after raising its tension, but this is the same as before if you think that a struggle blow has come. Quickly revive your dead party members with kazing.

After it strikes with Magic Burst, recover quickly. However, since freezing wave happens, be careful with characters that can’t be ahead without Huberha. If you want to recover faster than an enemy, raise the speed quick enough with a star brushing bracelet, etc.

Here’s a detailed action routine:

A.  Attacks or uses tension twice and then goes to part B. Alternatively, it uses War Cry (low probability) or disruptive wave (low probability).

B. Uses tension twice or attacks with scorch or C-c-cold breath -> goes back to part A.

C. Attack -> Magic Burst -> wave -> attack -> recovers MP -> Go to part A.

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