Friendly Cat Sidequests [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

Feed the cats and receive rewards.

Friendly Cat: Kitty Catering

Unlock Condition: Can be accessed once you meet Dino for the first time in Galdin Quay during Chapter 1.

Reward: 600 EXP, Dragon Scales

Here are the steps to complete the quest:

  • Examine the cat on the pier that leads to the main building in Galdin Quay
  • Proceed to the fishing cabin on the beach nearby and buy a couple of Spider Silk fishing lines and lures. (You can also purchase a Giant Trevally Fillet from the general store and give it to the cat if you do not want to fish.)
  • Fish from the adjacent pier and you get a catch.
  • Once you’ve caught a fish, head back to the cat.
  • Talk to the Chef, Coctura, at the Mother of Pearl restaurant inside the main building.
  • Give the dish to the cat.

Friendly Cat: A Feline Feast

Unlock Condition: Complete “Kitty Catering” and “Living off the Land”, reach Chapter 8

Reward: 1,200 EXP, Sky Gemstone

Here are the steps to complete the quest:

  • Interact with the cat in Cape Caem behind the lighthouse.
  • Speak to Monica inside the house
  • Catch a Dark Allural Seabass in Caem Shore, below Spelcray Haven. (Use the Deadly Waters: Coraldevil lure to catch the fish. The lure is available at the JM Market in Cape Caem)
  • Take the fish to Monica.
  • Deliver the dish made by Monica to the cat. (You can skip the entire procedure by buying a Luxury Cat Food at the JM Market.)



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