Holly’s Sidequests Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

This page contains a walkthrough and guide on Holly’s sidequests in Final Fantasy XV, including objectives and rewards obtained in the game.

Holly’s Sidequests Guide

You will be able to access Holly’s sidequests once you reach Cape Caem during Chapter 8. To begin the sidequests, talk to Holly in front of the entrance to Lestallum’s power plant.

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Steam Valve Inspection

Unlock Condition: Reach Chapter 8

Reward: 2,000 EXP, 2,500 Gil

Talk to Holly, then proceed to check the eight valves in the designated area. Look for sets of three vertical blue pipes with three valves aligned per pipe horizontally. Look around the streets to find the valves. once you’ve fixed all the valves, return to Holly.

Power to the Pylons

Unlock Condition: Complete “Steam Valve Inspection”

Reward: 3,000 EXP, 5,000 Gil

Speak to Holly, then head to the designated areas and look for a pylon with a ladder (the correct pylon are indicated by a nearby orange cable car. The first pylon is at the western half of the designated area in Lestallum, while the second one is at the northern half of the designated area in Old Lestallum. The last pylon is at the northern half of the specified area in Fort Vaullerey. Once you’ve inspected the valves at the top of the pylons, head back to Holly to receive your reward.

Holding Back the Dark

Unlock Condition: Complete “Power to the Pylons”

Reward: 4,000 EXP, 10,000 Gil

Talk to Holly, then head to three different locations in Lucis to check on the lights in the area. The first location is in Cleigne (Burbost Souvenir Emporium), while the second and third locations are in Duscae (Coernix Station – Cauthess and Cauthess Rest Area). Enemies will spawn after inspecting the third location, so defeat the monsters to proceed. Head back to Holly to receive your reward.

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