Takka’s Sidequests Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

This page contains a walkthrough and guide on Takka’s sidequests in Final Fantasy XV, including objectives and rewards obtained in the game.

Takka’s Sidequests Guide

You will be able to access Takka’s Sidequests once you’ve gotten your first Royal Arms during Chapter 2. To start the first sidequest, head to Takka’s diner and speak to him.

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Scenic Delivery

Unlock Condition: Finish “The Power of Kings” quest during Chapter 2

Reward: 300 EXP, Gighee Ham x2, Leiden Potato x2, Sheep Milk x2, Funguar x2

Take the quest at the diner in Hammerhead, then proceed to the shop at Galdin Quay to buy a Lucian Tomato. Deliver the item to Takka.

Hunters and Gatherers

Unlock Condition: Complete “Scenic Delivery”

Reward: 500 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Dualhorn Steak x5, Leiden Pepper x5, Hammerhead Hot Sandwich (new dish)

Speak to Takka, then proceed to the designated area to the northeast. You will find a horde of Daggerquills in the area. Defeat all of the Daggerquills then return the Daggerquill Breast to the diner owner.

Emergency Delivery

Unlock Condition: Complete “Hunters and Gatherers” and reach Chapter 3

Reward: 1,000 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Killer Tomato x5, Saxham Rice x5

Talk to Takka, then head to the designated area. Eliminate the Garulas in Alstor Slough, then take the Garula Sirloin dropped by the enemies to Takka.

Everyone Loves Beans

Unlock Condition: Complete “Emergency Delivery”

Reward: 1,500 EXP, Leiden Pepper x5, Hulldag Nutmeg x5, Killer Tomato x5

Proceed to the waypoint after speaking to Takka. The designated area is at Cleigne, near Old Lestallum. Defeat the Havocfangs that will spawn in the area, then head back to Takka to receive your reward.

Lestallum’s Finest

Unlock Condition: Complete “Everyone Loves Beans”

Reward: 2,000 EXP, Griffon Breast x2, Saxham Rice x5, Schier Turmeric x5

Speak to Takka, then head to Lestallum and talk to Furloch, one of the merchants in the market.

Head to the waypoint, north of Coernix Station in Cauthess. Defeat the Garulessa and the horde of Garulas. Once they have been eliminated, retrieve the shipment and deliver it to Furloch. After delivering the goods, head back to the diner to receive your reward.

A Meat Most Magnificent

Unlock Condition: Complete “Lestallum’s Finest”

Reward: 3,000 EXP, Allural Shallot x5, Kettier Ginger x5, Sizzling Humongo-Steak (new dish)

Takka need you to get a Catoblepas Brisket. To get the brisket, head to the Coernix Station in Alstor and accept the “Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens” hunt from the owner of the diner (this hunt can only be accessed if you’ve reached Hunter Level 4). Once you have the item, return to Takka.

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