Recommended Job Classes: Kliff, Faye, Robin, Gray, and Atlas [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This article is about the recommended job classes in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for certain characters.

Recommended Job Classes

The thing about getting a job class for each of them is that there’s so many considerations to think about. Some of these job class changes involve you taking note of the units. Other times, you’ll have to take note of the stats. With several characters to think about, finding the best suited job class may be a bit difficult. But have no fear. We have a list of recommended job classes that your units can use to the best of their ability.

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*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.

First Job Class: Villager

The Villager job class is the lowest class. Think of it as Fire Emblem Echoes’ counterpart to Ragnarok’s novice. In this case, they are the beginner the class. It’s the class that everyone starts out with. But after reaching a specific level, the villager can develop into several different job classes depending on the stats you built on.

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Alm’s Story

Recommended Job Class: Gray – Mercenary

The Mercenary class is a gender-lock class for the male characters. If you’re looking for a tanky character, Gray already has the stats for it at Level 5. When he hits Level 5, his HP and his ATK power will become a force to be reckoned with and can plow through your enemies.

However, the problem with the mercenary class is that they’re not too defensive against magic. While they can withstand a ton of damage, Gray will be forced to lose his magic resistance. Not just that, the Mercenary job class will force you to use him at close range which can pose problems if he’s surrounded.

Recommended Job Class: Tobin – Archer/ Mercenary

Tobin’s base Skill stat makes him an excellent archer. This not only increases his critical damage but also his critical hit rate. This would probably explain why the Archer is a recommended job class for him. He can also take advantage of the distance he can put between himself and the enemy. If he is able to shoot past an obstacle, it’ll give him a big advantage especially when terrain is more in your favour. However, make sure he keeps his distance from the enemy should he play an Archer. The Archer job class is meant to gank not to tank and take damage.

However, he can also play the Mercenary role if you’re more the up close fighter. His base attack power has him hitting harder than a truck. He can plow through your enemies and give you less problem. Either way, he’s a character that makes heavy battles a no-brainer. But take note, making him a mercenary may make him susceptible to ranged fighters.

Recommended Job Class: Kliff – Archer/ Magician

If your enemy has heavy Defense, you’re going to need someone to play the Magic Glass Cannon. In this case, Kliff’s recommended job class is the Magician. Because of the variety of spells, Kliff can dish out heavy damage and his speed allows him to keep up with most enemies.

However, if you already have a magic user, his speed allows him also to take on the archer job class. In doing so, it gives him a little more physical damage than it does magic. While Archers are valued in the first part of the game, the Magicians also have their worth during the middle part. So, choose wisely.

Recommended Job Class: Faye – Pegasus Knight/ Cleric

As a female character, Faye’s recommended job classes are either the Pegasus Knight for mobility and physical damage or the Cleric for support. In doing so, you can have her play two different roles. Since majority of your male characters may be the ones tanking and dealing damage, you’ll need a character that can support and sustain. Another thing to take into consideration is if your units are too slow. If the male characters are too slow, Faye’s job as a Pegasus Knight can help her cross over terrains quickly.

Celica’s Story

Recommended Job Class: Atlas – Archer / Cavalier

Atlas’ base stats and growth rate are Attack oriented, making it tempting to class change him to a Mercenary. However several Mercenaries already occupy the slots of Celica’s party.

However it is a decent choice due to his exceptional Attack, at the expense of his low Skill, and Speed. This must be adjusted accordingly.

Atlas makes a great marksman if you can change him to an Archer. This puts him in a favorable spot to snipe Gargoyles from afar. If you equip him with the Killer Bow, the Combat Art, Hunter’s Volley, allows him to deal 2 consecutive arrow shots despite his low Speed. This pairs immensely with his natural high Attack Stat.

Alternatively, if you prefer to balance the party out, the Cavalier is another option. Given that a Cavalier joins late in the game for Celica’s Party, as the first occurs late in the game through Chapter 4. As a Cavalier, this grants Atlas the opportunity to travel long distances to demonstrate his fighting prowess. Since there are a variety of terrains that Celica’s team will encounter in their excursion, the mount enables Atlas to tread safely along such environments like Deserts, and Poisonous surroundings.

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