Class Change Guide [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains a guide on changing classes FE Echoes: Shadow of Valentia

Class Change

A lot of preparing needs to be done before changing the class of one of your units in FE Echoes, as changing class will revert the class level of your unit to the lowest possible level of the chosen class.

It is advisable that you should max out the level of the initial class of your units before making a decision of changing their classes.

Class Change Chart

Villager Cavalier
(Lv 3)
(Lv 7)
Gold Knight
(Lv 10)
(Men / Lv 3)
(Lv 7)
(Lv 10)
(Men / Lv 3)
(Lv 7)
Dread Fighter * 1
(Lv 10)
(Men / Lv 3)
(Lv 7)
Bow Knight
( Lv 10)
( Lv 3 )
(Men / Lv 12)
(Women / Lv 14)
Pegasus Knight
(Women / Lv 3)
Falcon Knight
(Lv 12)
(Women / Lv 3)
(Lv 12)

* 1. You can change a Villager into a Dread Fighter if you train it up to Lv 10.

(Alm only)
Brave * 2
(Celica only)
Princess * 3

* 2. Class exclusive to Alm / Can change classes after Act 4
* 3. Class exclusive to Celica / Can change classes after Act 3

How to change class

You can change classes by talking to Mila Idol who is found in caves or dungeons.

Enemies are often placed in pathways that would lead to Mila Idol, so you have to defeat them in order to reach the servant.

If the unit that you want to change class is at the required level, you can the class along the arrows found in the table above.

Special classes

The Villager class is a special class where you can change into several different classes like the mercenary, knight, soldier, archer, and magician.

In addition, the Dread Fighter also belongs to the special class, so you can change the Villager into a Dread Fighter once the unit reached Lv 10 or more.

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