Irreversible Elements [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page will summarize the Irreversible Elements in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It includes the elements that when chosen in the game cannot be changed later on. We will be updating this as we go along.

Irreversible Elements

This article will summarize the Irreversible Elements in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It includes the elements that when chosen in the game cannot be changed later on.


By the time you choose the Difficulty, take note that once you confirm it there is no way to modify it later in the game.

For detailed explanation on the Difficulty differences, please click here.

Sacred Springs

The Sacred Springs is a site situated inside the Map’s dungeon.

On average, there is maximum amount of 3 uses for each Sacred Springs. However most sites only allow up to 2 uses, thus the total amount of uses is 3. Decide carefully when using the Sacred Springs as it becomes unusable after reaching the maximum number of uses for that duration.

For a detailed guide on the Sacred Springs, please click here.

Recommended Job Classes

In Fire Emblem Echoes, the Villagers comprise the special class due to the number of Rank Up classes it can choose from, each of which have a set of Weapons that are compatible to those corresponding classes. Bear in mind that once you change classes, you can no longer reassign additional weapons so you must decide carefully.

For a detailed guide on the which Job classes are recommended, please click here.

Deen and Sonya

During Celica’s North Desert and South Desert Map for Chapter 3, it is possible to recruit either Deen or Sonya. Once you defeat one, you will be left with the remaining unit to recruit. It works in the sense that if you defeat Deen who patrols the North Desert, you will be left with Sonya. Doing the opposite and delivering a coup de grace to Sonya, will leave you to befriend Deen instead.

Choose wisely which character you plan on recruiting once you gain access to these two sections of the Desert.

For a detailed guide on the which Character is recommended to recruit, please click here.

Blessed Shield and Silver Shield

As you reach Chapter 4 of Alm’s Story, you will come across two Shields: the Blessed Shield and the Silver Shield. Given the contrasting effects offered by these shields, it is essential to reflect on your play style and party needs before deciding which shield you wish to keep.

For detailed instructions on which is the recommended Shield, please click here.

Entering Chapter 5

Once you advance to Chapter 5, there is no way to turn back to the Map overview. Thus before you complete Chapter 4, take note of the following: any desirable characters that you wish to recruit, some requests left to finish, events to be triggered, services to avail from the Blacksmith, etc.

For Alm, there is no way to return once you clear Chapter 4’s Rigel Castle, while for Celica’s, you cannot turn back after finishing Duma’s Tower. The best way to prepare for the final Chapter is to have a save just before you partake of the last Map of Chapter 4.

As you reach Chapter 5, there are only a few checkpoints to save at.

If you do not mind spoilers, please continue reading.

Once you finish Chapter 5, you will unlock the ending. After the credits roll, a new Chapter will become available after you choose to save your progress. For Chapter 6, you can continue freely since it will return to the world map again.

For detailed instructions on How to Complete Chapter 5, please click here.

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