Berkut Boss Battle [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Act 5 Walkthrough - Berkut Boss Battle. It includes the necessary strategy to employ on Duma's Temple.

Berkut Boss Battle

This article contains the Berkut Boss Battle for the Act 5 Walkthrough – Duma’s Temple. It includes the necessary strategy.


The Altar of Fire functions as an improved Recovery Floor, which grants 10 HP each turn to the enemy. Avoid treading the central path as being caught up by the enemies can spell doom to your team. This tactic employs a set of enemies to be taken out for each turn to minimize risks and threats. On the first turn, take out the Mogall on the right and the Dread Fighter. You have to draw out the Dread Fighter with your DEF invested unit on, then pierce it with a combination of Ranged attacks from units at the back.

On the second turn, take out the rest of the opposing Dread Fighters. On the third turn, lure the Arcanist and the Witch and defeat them with high RES units. Clear the path off the remaining enemy spell casters. On the fifth turn, take out the guarding Fiend. Finally, charge to encounter Berkut and Rinea.

For a special enemy unit, Rinea has high Avoid, and can easily dodge your attacks. This means that taking out Rinea in a single attack is least likely to occur. The best candidate for this is Alm which can use Double Lion, then have a Saint use Rescue if it seems impossible to defeat. Use Mila’s Turnwheel when necessary, it takes some getting used to to finish her off.

With Rinea out of the way, this leaves you to take on Berkut. He will soon go down if you can maintain a safe level of HP through a supporting ally’s Recovery/ Physic while constantly attacking him with a combination of units.


Berkut 18 52 34 16 13 0 23 11 9
Rinea 17 40 20 19 16 0 10 16 4 Prayer Ring
Mogall 8 39 18 13 22 0 11 4 3
Dread Fighter 8 42 19 20 22 0 13 11 7
Fiend 8 47 26 7 4 0 23 12 4
Arcanist 15 42 14 10 10 0 11 8 4
Witch 1 22 10 12 8 0 4 14 4

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