Version Differences [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Version Differences in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It introduces New Elements such as Mechanics preserved from recent Titles and Revisions from FE Gaiden. We will be updating this as we go along.

Version Differences

This article contains the Version Differences in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It introduces New Elements such as Mechanics preserved from recent Titles and Revisions from FE Gaiden.

*Currently most of the information are rough translations. We will update this page when the game comes out.

New Elements

As a Remake, Fire Emblem Echoes includes several Elements unique to the Story such as: New Character, New Introduction, a New Map, Mila’s Gear*, Support Conversations, Weapon Level*, Combat Skills*, Weapon Upgrades, New Weapons, New Chapter, and New Magic*.

Note that All Elements marked with an Asterisk(*) are roughly translated at the moment.

New Character

Fire Emblem Echoes introduces Faye, one of Alm’s childhood friends and a resident of Ram Village.

Added Introduction

A tutorial Map entitled Alm and Celica* has been added which precedes the First Chapter. It does not offer any Experience points however.

New Map

Apart from the Introduction, a new map has been added.

Mila’s Gear*

A new item called Mila’s Gear* reverses the effect of movement during combat.

Support Conversations

Similar to the recent titles, Fire Emblem Echoes also includes Support Conversations*.

Weapon Level*

Using a weapon repeatedly allows you to raise it’s Skill level.

New “Combat” Skills*

After using a Weapon for some time, the unit obtains a “Combat” Skill. Its effect ranges from dealing damage, to ones that require some HP in exchange.

Weapon Upgrades

Forging Weapons will also return in Fire Emblem Echoes.

Located in the barracks, there are blacksmiths that offer to “train” or “transform” weapons.

Whenever you “Train” a weapon, it becomes more efficient in power, performance, etc. At the cost of Gold and Silver Coins, it is possible to upgrade a certain Weapon up to several stages. Apart from the efficiency, it also gives a chance to provide a nickname to the upgraded Weapon.

On the other hand, by selecting “Transform,” this will convert the chosen Weapon to a brand new Weapon. This might provide new opportunities for certain junk items such as the Rusty sword*.

New Weapons

The Remake showcases new weapons such as the Golden dagger*.

We will update this list when the game comes out.

Item Summary
Sword Spear Ax
Bow Shield Ring
Black magic White magic Enemy only

New Chapter

After Completing Final Chapter, a new Chapter (6) will become available.

New Magic

Rescue* has been added.

Revisions from FE Gaiden

Apart from New Elements, there are Revisions which makes for a refreshing start to the adventure. Apart from the minor intricacies of Enemy Class Changes, Fire Emblem Echoes also incorporates other notable changes such as a Full 3D Dungeon Map to explore.

Dungeon Exploration

A mechanic that did not exist in Fire Emblem Gaiden, it allows free roaming in a Dungeon designed in full 3D.

After defeating enemies, you will obtain items. Be wary of ambush.

Enemy Class Name Changes

The Knight class in Gaiden has been renamed to Cavalier*.

Earning Experience with Staves*

By using a Staff, Experience points will be earned.

Changes to Alm’s Attack

Previously in the Fifth Chapter of Fire Emblem Gaiden, Alm can deal a 100% worth of damage using a deadly attack*.

However, this is altered in Fire Emblem Echoes. It is unclear whether this has been preserved in Chapter 6.

Jedah’s Invincibility

In Fire Emblem Gaiden, when dealing damage to Jedah during the Fifth Chapter, he incurs damage equal to multiples of 4. However, for Fire Emblem Echoes, he does not receive any damage from attacks.

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