Companions List [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Companions List in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. We will be updating this as we go along.

Companions List

This article contains the Companions List in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It includes the Character’s Name, Act, Starting Class, and Requirements necessary for a certain Companion to join your team.

*Currently the terms are named after Fire Emblem: Gaiden’s and most are rough translations.

Alm’s Side

Character Name Act Starting Class* Requirement*
Alm 1 Fighter Default
Lukas 1 Soldier Ram Woods
Faye 1 Villager Ram Woods Entrance
Gray 1 Villager Ram Woods Entrance
Tobin 1 Villager Ram Woods
Kliff 1 Villager Ram Woods
Silque 1 Cleric Thieves’ Shrine
Clair 1 Pegasus Knight Southern Outpost
Clive 1 Cavalier Deliverance Hideout
Forsyth 1 Soldier Deliverance Hideout
Python 1 Archer Deliverance Hideout
(After Clive joins)
Luthier 3 Mage Forest Village
Mathilda 3 Paladin Desaix’s Fort
(Finish Battle without killing Mathilda)
Delthea 3 Mage Sluice Gate Interior
(Finish battle without killing Delthea)
Tatiana 4 Saint Nuibaba’s Abode
Zeke 4 Gold Knight Talk to him in Rigel Village
(After Tatiana joins, do not proceed to Rigel and finish battle without killing Zeke)
Mycen 4 Gold Knight Rigel

Celica’s Side

Character Name Act Starting Class Requirement
Celica 2 Priestess Default
Mae 2 Mage Priory
Boey 2 Mage Priory
Genny 2 Cleric Priory
Saber 2 Mercenary Novis Port
(Finish Battle without killing Mathilda)
Valbar 2 Knight Battle
(Complete Battle without killing Valbar)
Kamui 2 Mercenary Battle
(Complete Battle without killing Kamui)
Leon 2 Archer Battle
(Complete Battle without killing Leon)
Palla 3 Pegasus Knight Zofian Coast
(Complete Battle without killing Palla)
Catria 3 Pegasus Knight Zofian Coast
(Complete Battle without killing Catria)
Atlas 3 Villager Mountain Village
Jesse 3 Mercenary Desert Stronghold Interior
Sonya 3 Mage Grieth’s Citadel
(Last standing in Deen’s army)
Deen 3 Myrmidon Grieth’s Citadel
(Last standing in Sonya’s army)
Est 3 Pegasus Knight Grieth’s Citadel
Nomah 4 Sage Inside Mila’s Temple
(Secret Passage)
Conrad 4 Paladin After clearing Dolth’s Keep

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