Sacred Springs Guide [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page will provide information on the mechanics of the Sacred Springs. It includes the method on how to use the Sacred Springs and its effects after use. We will be updating this as we go along.

Sacred Springs Guide

This article will provide information on the mechanics of the Sacred Springs. It includes the method on how to use the Sacred Springs and its effects after use.

The Sacred Springs stands inside Mila’s Temple, its primary function is to serve as a Location to Change Classes. These usually occupy the inner recesses of several Dungeons during Alm and Celica’s story.

*Currently most of the information are rough translations. We will be updating this article once the game comes out.

A visit to the Sacred Springs offers the following effects:

  • Grants additional points to a unit’s stats.
  • Raises a fallen ally.

Bear in mind that there is a limit to the use of the Sacred Springs. In one Map, it can be used for a maximum of 3 times.

Due to this limitation, it is possible to go around it by using the same Sacred Springs once then using another to stack the effects.

However, some Sacred Springs grant a maximum of 2 uses.

Using the Sacred Springs

Availing of the Sacred Springs is always good when raising Alm and Celica. Apart from the Main Characters, others whose Attack Stat rises slowly are also recommended to visit the Sacred Springs.

The following Sacred Springs raise the EXP of those who visit them: one appears in the FoRest Temple during Alm’s Story, and the other appears in Mila’s Temple for Celica’s Story.

By visiting the site, a desired character’s level may nearly attain the next level due to the EXP granted.

Since it is evident that the higher the unit’s level, the lower is the EXP earned after combat, this method is recommended for those characters who have already attained a high level.

The best character that takes advantage of this method is the Main Character, whose Attack Stat increases during a visit to the Forest Temple. In a similar manner, a visit to Mila’s Temple grants additional points to the HP Stat.

A visit to the following Temples’ Sacred Springs allows the party to raise a fallen ally or two: Fear Temple, Ore Mountain 2?, and the Dragon Temple in Celica’s Story.

This method provides a chance to raise the fallen in Alm’s Party by performing it from Celica’s Side.

Sacred Springs Locations


Location Act Effect
Thieves’ Shrine 1 Spd / HP
Liberation Hideout 1 Def / Atk
Forest Temple 3 HP / Exp
Fear Temple 1 4 Spd / Lck
Fear Temple 2 (B1F) 4 Unit Revival / Unit Revival
Hidden Temple 4 Def / Unit Revival


Location Act Effect
Priory 2 Atk / Spd
Sea Temple 2 Skl / HP
Sea Temple (Back) 2 Res / Exp
Dragon Shrine 3 Unit Revival / Unit Revival
Mila’s Temple 3 Atk / Exp
Lost Woods / Sage’s Hamlet 4 Def / –
Tower of Duma (1F) 4 Lck / Spd
Tower of Duma (2F/3F) 4 Skl / HP
Tower of Duma (4F) 4 Def / Atk

Main Story Cleared

Location Act Effect
Under The Labyrinth of Thebes (B3F) 6 Skl / Lck
Under The Labyrinth of Thebes (B3F) 6 Atk / Spd
Under The Labyrinth of Thebes (B3F) 6 HP / Def

Recommended Method


Location Character Stats to increase
Thieves’ Temple Alm Spd × 3
Liberation HQ Alm Def × 3
Forest Temple Alm HP × 3
Fear Temple 1 Alm Spd × 3
Fear Temple 2 (B1F)  -
Hidden Temple Alm Def × 3


Location Character Stats to increase
Monastery Celica Atk × 1 / Spd × 2
Sea Temple Celica HP × 3
Sea Temple (Back) Celica Res × 2
Dragon Temple  -
Mila’s Temple Celica Atk × 3
Lost Woods / Sage’s Hamlet Celica Def × 2
Tower of Duma (1F) Celica Spd × 2
Tower of Duma (2F / 3F) Celica HP × 2
Tower of Duma (4F) Celica Atk × 2

Act 6

Location  Character Stats to increase
Under The Labyrinth of Thebes (B3F) Alm Skl × 3
Under The Labyrinth of Thebes (B4F) Alm Atk × 3
Under The Labyrinth (B6F) Alm Def × 3

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