General Tips when Fighting every Boss in Soulslike Games [The Surge]

This is an article on the Surge. Here you'll learn all about tips you'll need when engaging bosses in-game.

This is a guide on The Surge. Here you will find tips and tricks you’ll need when engaging in the bosses of Deck13’s The Surge.

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Boss Fight: General Tips

armor head gear arm gear chest gear leg gearThe Surge is a very, very stressful game–if not rewarding at the end of every boss battle. With the Surge boasting five massive and threatening bosses, you’ll be sure to die for hours if you don’t learn these general tips when engaging these fights.

Study your opponent’s attack patterns.

Your opponents in The Surge are rabid and brutal. They will show no quarter, nor mercy. They are not fair fighters. In fact, they’ll use every chink in your armor against you. When you’re engaging bosses, study their attack patterns. Some enemies, like the Big SISTR, have very subtle–but noticeable–patterns. You can use our boss guides to study each enemy’s unique attack patterns.

This means you might die a lot, but not if you…

Dodge a lot!

Press X to dodge! Remember to time your dodges right so that you don’t dodge too late or dodge right into the enemy’s attack. (This totally happened to me!) Bosses are pretty tricky to engage, so it’s best that you do study your foe’s patterns beforehand.  Some boss moves are downright unfair, since they attack you twice in succession, so you must learn when and where to dodge.

Dodging will take a chunk of your stamina, so…

Don’t be too greedy.

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Bosses in The Surge, due to their complex attack patterns, will crush you if you don’t dodge at the right time, and will crush you if you hit too much. A few bosses will give you time to hit them provided you’re alert and you know their patterns. However, you’ll also need to know how much hits you’re going to get before the Boss winds up for a potentially deadly attack.

I learned this especially with the Firebug. In its first form, if you hit one leg twice, you’ll incapacitate the boss briefly, giving you leeway to key in two more hits. If you’re not attentive, the firebug will run its animation and you might be left open in the process.

Not being greedy is a skill learnt through lots of battles, so…

Stock up on Vital Injections!

Unless you’re a God–or are very very familiar with Soulslike games (why are you reading this, then?), the bosses in this game will present a severe detriment to your health. If you don’t dodge well, if you’re too greedy with your attacks, you might meet the business end of an enemy’s appendage. And if you’re still figuring out its attack patterns, you’ll definitely screw up one time or another. This means that you’ll need Vital Injections V.1 implants (or better). Thankfully, you’ll find more Vital Injection implants throughout your trek through the massive Creo facility. And not only that–you’ll also upgrade your suit to open up more implants. Make sure you at least have two or three in your implant list if you’re facing down a boss.

However, sometimes vital injections might not be enough, and human error (and game bugs) lead to your -nth downfall. You always should remember to…

Calm Down.

In the heat of the battle, you’ll find yourself frustrated and almost weeping. I remember Cleric Beast from Bloodborne. That thing was brutal. I, an admitted noob at that time, couldn’t kill it after nights of trying. If you don’t calm down, however, your performance will most likely falter in the next retry. The stress of fighting bosses for the -nth time will lead you to almost despair if they’ve floored you with not the least bit of “how do you do?”

However, it’s best to calm down. Clear your head, because this allows you to…

Learn from your mistakes.

One thing I learned from playing The Surge is that blaming the game for my hang ups does nothing. The game doesn’t let up. It doesn’t say “fine, I’ll make it easier for you.” It rubs my face in dung and tells me to “git gud”–though it doesn’t normally tell me what I did wrong. Only that I died because of it. So it’s best that you keep an eye on what you’re doing, and make appropriate adjustments every respawn if you’ve made a mistake. Keep doing this until you clear the level, defeat the boss, and reap the scrap due you.

Once you learn from your mistakes, it’s now time to…

Try Again.

You died. No life signs found. You’re now back in Operations. It’s now time to get back out there and do it again. You might die, sure, but you’ll never win if you take the other path–not picking up the controller again.

So those are the general tips I can give you to help you unravel the mysteries of the Creo Facility, and the true nature of the Surge. I hope you check out our other boss guides.

Speaking of which…

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