[The Surge] How to Get the Iron Maus Armor

This page contains a guide on how to get the secret iron maus armor in the game

The Secret Iron Maus Armor

In The Surge, there are comic strips scattered across the land about a fictional hero called the Iron Maus. However, you would not only find the hero’s special armor in the comic strip, but you can also find it hidden in the world of The Surge.

In order to get the Iron Maus armor, you must first find and defeat 5 Smelter machines scattered across the land. Each of these Smelter can be found in the following areas in the game:

  • Smelter #1 – Abandoned Production
  • Smelter # 2 – Resolve Biolabs (Greenhouses)
  • Smelter #3, #4, and #5 – Around Central Production B

Defeating a Smelter bot will earn you one Shining Coin, collect all 5 Shining coins then return to Central Production B.

In this area, go back to the path that you arrive in after going through the Research and Development area. From here, you will find several enemies worshiping a peculiar vending machine. Defeat the enemies in the area, then approach the vending machine and spend the 5 Shining Coins. Doing this will open the wall to the right which will reveal the special armor.

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