[The Surge] How to Recover Tech Scraps

This page contains a guide on how to recover your lost tech scraps, as well as tips on how to deal with the time limit for retrieving it

How to Recover Tech Scraps

Tech Scraps are used in The Surge as either as a way to get experience points or as currency to buy armor pieces. However, when you get killed by the enemies, you are forced to drop all of the tech scraps that you have with you.

This guide will show some several tips on how to recover your lost tech scraps as well as how to limit the tech scrap that you lose from dying.

Death/Time Limits

Dying in The Surge is inevitable, it is a game of trial and error where you have to memorize enemy patterns and terrain in order to survive for a long time. When you die, your tech scraps will be left in the area where you died, leaving you with the option to reclaim it.

However, the lost tech scraps will be gone once you die for a second time if you fail to retrieve them. So make sure that you are much stronger before heading back to get your tech scraps.

The amount of tech scraps that you dropped will appear on the right corner of the screen once you are revived at the MedBay. In addition, a timer will appear and will start ticking down once you respawn. When this timer expires, you will lose all of your tech scraps. Having this mechanic makes The Surge much more challenging for players.

Increasing the Time Limit

In order to increase your time limit to retrieve your tech scraps, you need to kill enemies. Eliminating one enemy will ass seconds to the timer, but targeting them on armored areas will grant you less time than targeting them in exposed areas.

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