[The Surge] How to Hit Enemy Weak Spots

This page contains a guide on how to hit enemy weak spots in the game

Enemy Weaknesses and Armor Looting

In The Surge, enemies have certain weak spots that you can target in order to easily defeat them. However, there are some battle mechanics that you can do in order to not only hit the enemy’s weak spot, but also get their pieces of armor. This guide shows you several pointers in defeating enemies in the game.

Body Parts

Whether its the enemy’s arms, torso, or head, you can sever these body parts in order to get scraps or equipment that can be obtained by severing a specific body part.

However, if you only want to kill the enemy easily without getting its equipment, you may want to target its unarmored part (weakness) as it will deal more damage.

If you want the headgear that the enemy is wearing, you may want to take the enemy’s head off, or if you want its right arm weapon, sever its arms using your weapon. This can be performed using a mechanic called “Execution”.


In order to sever a specific body part, you need to build up your Energy meter until the screen shows you that you can perform an Execution using the square button.

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