[The Surge] Main Walkthrough – NUCLEUS

This is an article on the Main Walkthrough – NUCLEUS of The Surge. It includes the enemies, items, objectives, and boss battle. We will be updating this as we go along.

This is an article on the Main Walkthrough – NUCLEUS of The Surge. It includes the enemies, items, objectives, and boss battle.

Main Walkthrough – NUCLEUS

Launchpad 01

  • Once you get in, collect the Rendezvous audiolog on the right then release the door’s lock by overcharging the level 80 power circuit.
  • Take out the group of enemies then grab the Vital Injection v.5 as you enter.
  • Turn left and go through the door to reach the succeeding location.

1st Floor (Cargo)

  • Head downstairs to check the right to find the Plasmic Regenerator v.5 inside crates.
  • Keep going and activate the elevator panel on the left to bring it down to the Medbay Elevator.
  • When inside, use the contact station to receive the Rendezvous – Update audiolog on the left.
  • Before you leave the Medbay, head upstairs on the left.
  • On the upcoming floor, be wary of the Chrysalis that will emerge from the stack of crates.

Aim for its exposed part but it will later guard it. Thus you need to adapt by aiming for the other exposed parts until you finally inflict severe damage.

  • Once you take out this enemy, go through the door.
  • While inside, you will encounter a pair of MG Gorgons, take them out.
  • Go upstairs then on the first landing, collect the Large Pile of Metal Scrap.
  • At floor 2, swing the door open, then defeat the Maintenance bot patrolling the corridor.
  • Drop off then SNS Disinhibitor v.4.
  • Return to the stairs then ascend to reach the floor above, take out the three MG Gorgons by luring one at a time.
  • Head upstairs to reach the peak, then take out the remaining PROTEUS.
  • Collect the Dr. Lawrence Murphy Log #5 audiolog, then unlock the door.

2nd Floor (Refueling)

  • Head left then, continue along the path straight, then turn right on the first turn.
  • You will encounter another Chrysalis, take it out handily.
  • Stick to the right to find the 2nd Floor then bring the lift down.
  • Follow the path to reach the Medbay and a PROTEUS patrolling, take it out.
  • Head left then take out the PROTEUS blocking the next set of steps.
  • Descend the steps then collect the Large Pile of Metal Scrap.
  • Return up the stairs then go through the door.
  • Be wary of the PROTEUS camping at the left side on the floor below.
  • Finish off the Chrysalis at the right side then take the Exo lift.
  • Defeat the PROTEUS that you will encounter along the way, then keep going.
  • Shatter the crates to find some Large Pile of Rare Material Scrap.
  • Overcharge the level 50 Power Circuit to find Nanocore x2.
  • Move to the left from the Medbay to find vibrant corridor, be mindful of the pair of Chrysalis.
  • Call them out of the room one at a time to take them out efficiently.
  • Collect the Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #11 audiolog, then take the Vital Injection v.5.
  • Follow the path on the left of the elevator panel, then on the first turn go right.
  • A PROTEUS will pop up as you go, take it out then search nearby for an Endurance Enhancer v.5.
  • Keep going, down the steps, then take out the Chrysalis as you pass.
  • Lure him then follow the path to encounter a pair of MG Gorgons by the left.
  • Enter through the door that lies at the far end of the corridor.

Nitrogen Pump Station

  • Pay attention to the MG Gorgon that guards the footing on the left of the stairs.
  • Inspect the side beyond the enemy then smash the crates to collect some Vanadium E-Cell v.5.

Before you continue, if you have the Toxic Autofilter in possession, this is the best time to equip it to bypass the poisonous gas.

  • Head through the corridor on the right, then take out the MG Gorgon.
  • Unlock the nearby door, then take the stairs.
  • Return to location where you found the MG Gorgon, then jump off to reach the floor below.
  • Collect the Large Pile of Rare Material Scrap, then jump off.
  • Defeat the pair of MG Gorgons, then turn to the right.
  • Take out the MG Gorgon that you will pass through, then fasten your grip on the Exo lift.
  • Collect the Dr. Lawrence Murphy Log #8 audiolog, enter the next room.
  • Take out the 4 PROTEUS that appears from the ground, then collect the Large Pile of Metal Scrap.
  • Board the Exo lift upwards, to find a powerful enemy.

With access to an energy beam, it can take you out easily making it a force to be reckoned with. If you decide to duel against it, execute light attacks to whittle it down. It will soon divide into several units. If you manage to take it out the first time, you must overcharge it to finish it off.

  • Go upstairs on the left, then kick the door down.
  • Continue along, then defeat the Elite Hazard that patrols this corridor.
  • Go through the door to open the shortcut that takes you to the Medbay.
  • Return to the location before you took the right turn, then pass through the wide opening.
  • Inspect the left side then ride the Exo lift, then take out the MG Gorgon at the top.
  • Collect the Vital Injection v.5.
  • Descend back on the floor below then break the door to pass.
  • Take out the pair of Elite Hazards, keep them at bay as they wield different weapons.
  • Go through the corridor on the left, then ride the Exo lift.
  • On this upper floor, overcharge the Power circuit, then head left.
  • Take out the pair of Elite Hazards, then pick up the Large Pile of High-tech scrap.
  • Release the security door’s lock to reach the next location.

Utopia Preparation Classified

  • Defeat the Chrysalis then operate the contact station to obtain FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 14:32:57 audiolog.
  • Head upstairs to find a CERBERUS, take it out and you will find a pair at the stairs’ landing.
  • With the path clear, take the Intercepted Transmission 83-1266548 audiolog.
  • Go through the door that lies ahead, then attack the door.
  • Take the Exo lift down a floor, then shatter the following door.
  • Overcharge the level 30 power circuit at the end, then from the previous room, smash the crates on the right.
  • Go beyond the enemy to find a Large Pile of High-Tech Scrap.
  • Return to the ground floor, then search the right section to find Package Delivery audiolog.
  • Inspect the table on the left side to obtain the IRONMAUS #23.
  • With the circuit on the floor beneath restored using Overcharge, operate the console.

By doing this task, you will receive a different trophy.

  • Head back to the site where the Process was, then dash past and unlock the door ahead.
  • Inside the corridor, examine the contact station on the left to receive a Stay Tuned! audiolog.
  • Unlock the right door to reveal a shortcut to the Medbay.
  • Board the elevator that lies ahead, then take out the CERBERUS and the Security Bot.
  • Chop the crates to uncover some Large Pile of High-Tech Scrap, then patch up with the Medstation.
  • Go upstairs to reach the next area.

Launchpad 01 Station

  • Take the stairs then take out the CERBERUS accompanied by a drone on the landing.
  • Head down the corridor, then duel against the Gorgon.
  • Board the train situated on the left to reach Central Production B, then keep going to find a door on the right.
  • Take it down, then loot the Plasmic Regenerator v.5.
  • Keep going then jump off to encounter a Chrysalis supported by a drone.
  • Follow the path then move right to reach the corridor.
  • Break the crate, then collect the Large Pile of Metal Scrap.
  • Head left, then fasten your grip on the Exo lift.
  • Jump off then pick up the Large Pile of High-Tech Scrap.
  • Drop to the floor below to reach Floor 3.

Floor 3 – Rapid Launch Control

  • Go around to the left to pass by the enemy.
  • Take the Exo lift to reach the floor above, then use the Elevator to bring the Medbay down.
  • Jump off then sneak your way through some enemies.
  • Overcharge the level 10 Power circuit, then return to the side where the Exo lift stood.
  • Unlock the door ahead, then take the stairs on the left.
  • Pass through the enemy, then overcharge the power circuit on the floor above.
  • With the obstruction of 1F cleared, double back and shatter the door to pass.
  • Reach for the far end of this corridor, then collect the Force Regulator Mk.IV x6, and Pneumatic Helix Mk.IV x6.
  • Proceed downstairs to arrive at the bottom floor, then board the lift.
  • Leap through the lower half of the Medbay elevator to collect Auto-Aid v.4.
  • Jump off then search the site at the back to discover a Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5.
  • Head down to Floor 01 Cargo.

Floor 01 – Cargo

  • With the Rapid Launch Control panel activated earlier, there will be more enemies running about.
  • Inspect the red wall that was previously inaccessible to pass through.

//DataChecksum Fail

  • Inside the room, inspect the left for Codename: Götterdämmerung.
  • Check the back of the enemy to reveal some Large Pile of High-Tech Scrap.
  • Jump off to the ground below then go by the left corner.
  • Force the door to open then grab the Rig Armature Mk.IV x6, and Cortical Processor Mk.IV x6.
  • Keep going through the tapered passage to enter the Boss area.

Boss Fight: Rogue Process

Click here to see a detailed guide on this Boss.

The first phase requires you to deal with a huge monstrosity. Have him perform a slow attack to land a couple of yours. Sometimes spikes protrude whenever you’re close, when it happens, remain distant until it subsides. Perform some dodges, and you will eventually familiarize with the pattern.

During the second phase, it now becomes a humanoid. Study your own pattern to understand its tactics as it sports similar moves. Do note that it will be much faster than you, and is quick to deal damage. Time whenever it finishes a combo to inflict your own, rinse and repeat.

Once you beat it, a rewarding cutscene will ensue and eventually credits will roll.

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