[The Surge] P.A.X. Boss Guide

This page contains the P.A.X. Boss Guide for The Surge. It includes the strategy, boss moves, and move explanation.

This is the P.A.X. Boss Guide for The Surge. It includes the strategy, boss moves, and move explanation.

P.A.X. Boss Guide

Upon reaching the last section of the Abandoned Production, Warren encounters the first boss, P.A.X, identified as a Pacification Automaton X.


When the battle begins, first approach Pax from the rear and focus on striking one of its legs. Each damage sustained by Pax will contribute to the accumulation of the orange bar found at the bottom of Pax’s HP. By the time this gauge is full, Pax will send a rain of rockets. Your best bet is to immediately approach Pax, this should force it to suffer damage from its own artillery. It should become temporarily incapacitated from the damage. While this is happening, take advantage of its weakpoint and focus on them, the 2 weakpoints can be found from the front, while there is a lone one at the back.

Once you deal some moderate damage, Pax will rise up again and move as normal. Perform this a couple of times to terminate it.

Enemy’s Attacks

Note that these are not the official move names and only reflect the Boss’ animations.

  • Blade Swipe

A dangerous huge razor looking blade that shaves a huge chunk of your health when caught. Avoid encountering Pax from the front and keep on dodging to the side when it approaches near to dodge it.

  • Alternate Stomps

Stomps the ground sluggishly. Avoid the lifted foot and strike on the one that remains on the ground.

  • Rockets

Calls upon a rain of rockets when the orange gauge is full. Quickly approach it so that it will take a beating from its own rockets.

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