[The Surge] Implants and Slots Guide

This page contains a guide on implants as well as how to utilize implant slots


In The Surge, Implants serves as upgrades that you can use to boost your HP, increase your offensive/defensive power, see enemy health bars, etc.

However, Implants can be switched out and replaced with others via the MedBay, so planning which implantcombination is the best for your character is good if you want to survive longer in the game.

Mechanic: Slots

During the start of the game, you will only be given one slot to put one implant in. To add more implant slots, you need to level up your Power Core.

To increase your Power Core level, you have to collect a lot of tech scraps and use it as experience points to boost your Power Core.

Check out our guide on how to farm tech scraps efficiently by clicking here.

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