[The Surge] Big SISTR 1/3 Boss Guide


This is the Big SISTR 1/3 Boss Guide for The Surge. It includes the strategy, boss moves, and move explanation.

Big SISTR 1/3 Boss Guide

Upon finding a new path through the Central Production B, Warren exposes a path from the Circulation Tower that leads to the area boss.


First Phase

The first battle against Big SISTR 1/3 begins at the small platform. Big SISTR 1/3 relies on clamping you with its extending claws. These attacks move one after the other, extending the left then followed by the right. Generally, familiarizing with the melee attack should not be as difficult as avoiding them, but the challenging part is to account for all of its moves and knowing which one is coming as it can switch it up a bit.

Apart from the melee, it will also unleash an energy blast in 2 successions.

Once you get the pattern down, evade the arm melee attacks then close in to land your attacks as it temporarily becomes static. Avoid the swipe and the slam Allow the boss to perform the piercing attack only since its other melees do not provide enough duration and might put you at risk of injury.

If you deal significant damage to the arms, it will eventually detach. This will draw you to head up the stairs as the boss assumes the next phase.

Second Phase

In contrast to the first phase, the battle will resume in a huge raised platform. You are now pit against four mechanized arms bearing torches, 2 of each are found on either sides. Each appendage has the tendency to move in synchronization with the others, executing a combination of melees and projectiles. If you had trouble with the previous phase, this might take some getting used to as you need to observe all four appendages, and its energy beam. Take note of the platform at the other side to find the core resting in the middle.

You can land some attacks on the Big SISTR’s core without having to deal with the arms, however as you head for the core, you are still within reach of the arms. Although you can avoid the grasp of the arms by staying at the section of the platform that is beneath the core, you are prone to suffering from the core instead. In addition, the core can smite you and expose you to the arms reach. With these limitations, you must defeat the arms first by striking it with about 3-4 hits.

To handle the arms at an advantage, try to lure one at a time just as you would any other group of enemies. The recommended spot to lure them is at the leftmost or rightmost corner of the platform. If the arms go for the piercing attack, you become vulnerable to damage still but it is one of the best locations to take on a lone arm. Familiarize with the attack pattern of the arms to get a grip on how to dodge them. Dodge its attack then close in and deal around 2 strikes then back away. Rinse and repeat to finish all 4 arms.

By the time the arms all break down, the platform will become surrounded in electricity. Head immediately to the core. SISTR will attack with 6 arms and switches it up a bit between a swipe and a huge slam. One of the most devastating attacks is its grappling attack, a good indicator is to observe when it opens up its limbs and chases after you. Time its grapple and dodge to the side.

While engaging with the core, its usual behavior is to remain in the center of the platform and blocks its facade with its limbs. You cannot damage it in this way, thus it’s essential to have it attack, dodge it, then strike it while the window of opportunity is open. Keep at it and you will soon emerge victorious.

Enemy’s Attacks

Note that these are not the official move names and only reflect the Boss’ animations.

First Phase

  • Limb Crush

Extends its appendage to flatten you on the platform. This attack goes on for 2-3 successions.

  • Limb Thrust

Puts one of its appendages on the ground and moves it back and forth quickly. Remain by the back of the platform to avoid it.

  • Pierce

Skewers the back wall, attempting to hit you in the process.

  • Energy beam

Fires a laser that protrudes from the core to reach your location. Be wary as it will re-align on the next shot. This attack will enveloped you in flames, dealing additional burn chip damage.

Second Phase

  • Arm Pierce

Plants its blowtorch below and darts it at you.

  • Arm Stomp

Does an overhead vertical slam.

  • Core Ram

If you have not dealt with the arms prior to pursuing the core, you will be vulnerable to a ram. This sends you back to the site with the arms.

  • Core Strike

Attacks you with its 6 limbs.

  • Core Thrust

The core swings across the ground, and deals melee damage with its arms.

  • Core Overhead Crush

Using its arms, the core will attempt to flatten you on the ground.

  • Vicious Grapple

Extends its arms and chases after you for a grapple. If you get caught, it will squeeze you to deal damage, it will begin to twist you further to cause additional damage.

  • Energy beam

Fires a laser that protrudes from the core to reach your location. Be wary as it will re-align on the next shot. This attack will enveloped you in flames, dealing additional burn chip damage.

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