Bonus Features in the PS4 Version of Tales of Berseria [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

With its release dated on January 24, Tales of Berseria not only features the old game with some digital remastering but with bonus features.

Tales of Berseria coming out on January 24, 2017!

Tales of Berseria will be released on January 24, 2017 with some bonus features in the post game playthrough. Many of these features intend to either shed light on some parts of the story or to add more challenge. However, not all features are challenges and can be assets especially when playing for the second time.

Tales of Berseria is a game that once came out on PS3 and the PC. The game focuses on the story of a vengeful Velvet Crowe who finds herself at odds against the Holy Midgand Empire led by Artorius Collbrande. While attempting to deliver her vengeance, she joins up with several others who have their own motives but also share her hatred towards The Abbey.

Bonus Features: Post Game in Tales of Berseria

In Tales of Berseria, there are a lot of things to do even with finishing the game. The game features a variety of dungeons that you can explore while roaming around Berseria. While freely roaming around, check out the new features in the PS4 version of Tales of Berseria.

  1. Revised version of Stairway to Heaven – While the dungeon did feature itself in the PS3 version of Tales of Berseria, the Stairway to Heaven has more features and also stronger creatures for a more challenging gameplay.
  2. Release of the Grade Shop –  The Grade Shop appears as a Post-Game for a second run. After defeating the boss, you can choose what boosts to carry on to the next game. To buy the upgrades, use the points from the Grades you earned from the first playthrough.
  3. Hidden bosses – Jude and Mira
  4. Hidden boss: Phoenix – this creature is a secret boss triggered after finishing the game. This is a side-quest boss for Eizen which can revive itself after being defeated with more powerful attacks.
  5. Revealing the true boss: Immortal God Artorius Collbrande – this boss only appears after you’ve finished the game. There are several conditions to meet before he shows himself. One of them is finishing the game and the other is defeating a dragon boss which unlocks him as the final boss in the Stairway to Heaven.


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