Eizen’s Abilities [Tales of Berseria / TOB]

This Tales of Berseria character packs a mean punch!


Weapon bracelet
Type Fist fighter
Race Sanctuary
Where does he join you? West Laban cave

Combat Skills

Eizen’s special skill is to smite his enemies with a fist brimming with spirit power. Another skill is Holy Wisdom, an attack technique focusing on the wind and earth attribute. There is also an ability that covers the middle distance, using your firsts imbued with spiritual power.

Initial Status

Initial Ability

LV HP Offensive Power Martial Attack Defense Power Arte Protection Focus
 25  1792 268 238 197 210  239


Initial Equipment

Weapon Specific (belt) Breastplate Ring Shoes
List Bracelet Amphi-pendant Ambi-vest Slowcharm Amphiboots


Arte Technique

Name SG Attribute Additional effect Derivative technique Learning
Fate 3 No Stan initial
Repair 3 Wind Stan initial
Beat 4 Earth SG recovery initial
Insensitive 5 Land wind HP absorption initial
Intimidation 7 No Stan initial
Last minute 11 Earth Stan Lv 13
Winter grove 5 Ground water Deadly poison Lv 16
Beast man
Skyscraper 15 Ground fire Stan Lv 20
Winged wings
mirage 8 Fire style burn Lv28
Saga 21 Wind fatigue Lv 34
con man 30 No Stan Lv 40


Holy Servant Arte

Name SG Attribute Additional effect Derivative technique Learning
Wind Lance 14 Wind fatigue initial
Air thrust 12 Wind fatigue Lv 18
Winged wings
Visualgate 42 Fire style Concentration rise
Lv 48
Stone Edge 9 Earth Blunt feet Lv 14
Beast man
Frigid photon 26 Ground water HP absorption Lv 31
Split step 13 Land wind Increased defensive power
Lv 11
Mirage Vale 30 Land wind Surgical invasion Lv 23
Lavish ghost 29 Land wind Surgical invasion Lv 43
Grand Quake 23 Earth Blunt feet Lv 57

Soul Break

Draconic Drive 

Using this soul break requires you to spend one soul. Hold down R2 for a long time. You’ll absorb HP and BG.

This high damage-dealing ability spews flames from the air, incinerating enemies around. However, the enemy must be stunned or downed in order for this to work.

Dragoon Dive

This is triggered during the Draconic Drive SG3 or more, consuming SG1 during the invocation. The player leaps into the air and dives to strike at the enemy.

Tyrant Celebration 

Trigger this during the Dragoon Drive in SG3 or more. This costs SG1  during the Invocation. Eizen fires ranged attacks, causing massive explosions on the ground. It’s very effective when facing dense clusters of enemies. You don’t recover HP. However, you do recover BG.

Switch blast

Name Attributes Buff Effects Description
Survive Road Nothing Take defense Activated by switch blast. Eizen thrusts away with a long reach, debuffing enemies who are on the defensive. Sometimes adds downed effects.

Mystic Artes

Way Stress Mayhem 

Consume 3 BG when you press L2 for a long time. It blows things up after high-speed continuous hits from left to right.

Howling Dragoon 

Consumes 4 BG when you press L2. Press and hold L2 when you have 8 cooperation or more.

Blade Venom 

During “ Tyrant Celebration,” hold down L2 to invoke this mystic arte. Note that this costs 5 BG.

How to Obtain Tyrant Celebration and Blade Venom

Defeat the Aerial Troop at the Eight-headed Dragon, Innominat.

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