Equipment Salvaging Guide [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

Salvaging is a means to find the item that can help enhance your weapons. This guide will show you what you can get from certain items and how it works.


Salvaging means breaking down your old equipment to enhance your new ones. When breaking down equipment, they come with certain materials. These materials are harvested from your former equipment and serve as upgrades. Each weapon comes with a different material when broken down. This function is introduced when you meet up with Rokurou and he explains it to you.

What does Salvaging do?

Salvaging provides you materials that you can use for upgrades. When breaking them down, the items give different items depending on their level of enhancement. While breaking down the items especially items beyond level 10, rare items have a higher chance of dropping. These items can serve as a crafting item and also for upgrade. But if you’re pressed for cash, you can also sell the item.

After breaking down the item, there’s also something known as the Smelting Powder that comes with it. This item is essential to all sorts upgrades and breaking down of items. Each Smelting Powder has different grades when broken down from an item.

When the weapons rise in level, they drop something known as a Magic Steel Crystal. These crystals increase the chances of upgrading your weapon with better bonuses. However, these crystals only drop when items with a level 10 enhancement are salvaged.

Guide for Salvaging

Enhancement Level Item Received
0 None
1 Low Grade Smelting Powder x2
2 Low Grade Smelting Powder x4
3 Low Grade Smelting Powder x6
4 Intermediate Grade Smelting Powder x2
5 Intermediate Grade Smelting Powder x4
6 Intermediate Grade Smelting Powder x6
7 Advanced Grade Smelting Powder x2
8 Advanced Grade Smelting Powder x4
9 Advanced Grade Smelting Powder x6
10 Magic Crystal x2

Salvaging is your best friend!

When looking for certain items, sometimes you have to let go of the old items. However, there are also some parts of the game where you can farm for the items. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the quick and easy method – go with salvaging.

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