Magilou’s Abilities [Tales of Berseria / TOB]

Detailed list of Magilou's Abilities


Magilou's Abilities

Weapon   Shikigami
 Type  Witch
Race  Human
When does she join?  Upon reaching Rogress Umiya

Combat Skills

Magilou’s abilities include a skill called mystery, an attack that changes the expression of the gods. She also brandishes the holy wisdom skill, an attack technique centered on water and fire elements.

Initial Status

Initial Ability

LV HP Offensive Power Martial Attack Defense Power Arte Protection Concentration
25 1624 212 288 234 265 172

Initial Equipment

Weapon Specific (belt) Breastplate Ring Shoes
Shikigami Doll Aphi-Earnings Amphi-Garment Slow Charm Amphi-boots


Arte Technique

Name SG Attribute Additional Effect Derivative Technique Learning
Spirit 3 water Deadly poison initial
Kimono 4 Nothing Stun initial
New Spirit 5 fire burn initial
Maiko 8 Physics Stun initial
Ghost 6 Water fire Arte decrease
Spiritual Pulsation 10 Earth Blunt feet initial
Angularity 10 Water wind Stun initial
Sung dynasty 18 water Stun Lv 20
Spiritual pulsation 10 Earth Blunt feet Lv 24
Explosion run 24 Ground fire burn Lv 29

St. Ambrosia

name SG Attribute Additional Effect Derivative Technique Learning
Aqua Split 8 water Deadly poison initial
Sweep mine 10 water Deadly poison initial
Blood Moon 20 fire burn Lv 18
Flood Wall 12 water Rise of art defense
Lv 23
Blazing Mine 11 fire burn Lv 27
Beast man
Inn Brace End 26 Fire style Increased surgical attack
Lv 36
Inn Brace End 36 Ground water HP absorption Lv 48
Diffuse Mine 30 Land wind SG recovery Lv 49
Explode 20 Fire burn

Soul Break

Spell Absorber

Hold R2 and use one of the souls when you have 3 Souls or more. The spell absorbs HP and recovers BG effects, stopping enemies who are casting spells, and attacks with an arcane counter when it accumulates more than a certain amount.

After you invoke the spell, the the next attack renders guarding impossible, even if you activate the counter skill once, the gauge doesn’t become 0, and the remaining gauge accumulates after the invocation. This attack is quite powerful because it forcibly interrupts an arte anywhere in the battlefield.

Note that the gauge accumulates randomly.

The Force Detonator move has a 4- attribute attack at the same time, even if one of them has a weak point attribute of an enemy, this mystical arte is a powerful move that hits at weakpoints regardless of other attributes.

Technical name Attribute Learning Condition
Calamity flare Ground/Fire Learn at the level
Violette high Water/Fire Learn at the level
Tornado Fire Fire/Wind Learn at the level
Hydrostrome Ground/Water Learn at the level
Gravity Gale Earth/Wind Learn at the level
Lightning blaster Water/Wind Learn at the level
Calamity flare Ground/Fire Learn at the level
Force detonator Ground/Water/Fire/Wind Learn at the level

Switch blast

Name Attribute Added Effect Description
McGill In Heaven Nothing Take defense  Activated by switch blast. Launches enemies from the ground, striking the enemies who are defending using artes. Sometimes, it brings them down.

Mystic Artes

Light Wing Tensho-Kun

When you have 3 Blast Gauge, press L2. This mystic arte strikes by reaching up to God and having him strike down your enemies.

How to Obtain Force Detonator and Forty Nine Norn

Defeat the Goddess of Revenge at the Eight-headed Dragon, Innominat.

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