Earning Techniques Guide [Tales of Berseria / TOB]

This is a Tales of Berseria techniques guide. In this article, we'll be talking about how to earn techniques in Tales of Berseria. This article lists places suitable for earning a number of techniques each, specifically late in the middle stages.

Method of Earning Techniques 

Tales of Berseria techniques can be earned in a myriad of ways. If you earn the number of techniques fundamentally except in the early stage on Zexon Port, change the battle rank to “simple,” and head to places where enemies spawn in large quantities.

If you can easily kill your foes, you can adjust the battle rank.

Benefits of Techniques 

Increasing your technical skills has the following benefits:

  1. BG recovers when the battle starts. The amount of recovery is proportional to the number of ★ of all the techniques of each character. 
  2. The number of ★ in proportion to the arte can receive a title bonus. 

Recommended Arte techniques Mid-game

  • Fourth Jurisdiction: Unknown Class 
    In the middle of the arte technique time, it’s recommended to go to the Fourth Jurisdiction: Unknown Class. This is suitable for earnign the number of techniques, since the enemy’s defense power is high. Because there are many enemies that appear, it will be easy to earn the number of techniques by involving artes.

Recommended Techniques in the end-game

  • Fourth Jurisdiction: Super Class 
    The final stage of the surgery technique. The enemy’s defense power and durability are also high, so it’s easy to earn arte skills. Since accessories are also available, it’s recommended because you can sell equipment and store gald, as well as obtain reinforced materials through disassembly.

Recommended Technique after clearing all the earning locations

  • Stairway to Heaven: Hidden Dungeon
    It’s advised that you head to Stairway to Heaven dungeon. Here, you’ll fight the strongest of enemies, therefore giving you a chance to earn technique skills. You’ll gain massive amounts of experience points, as well as the “Unlimited series” of weapons, the most powerful arms in the game.


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