Tips and Strategies For the Early Stages [Tales of Berseria]

Strategies always help win games. No matter how underpowered or overpowered you are, a well-planned strategy plus maximized stats will always be a plus when fighting down a boss.

Strategies are the key to winning

Even if you do have the highest level throughout the game, well-made strategies will always help you win. Often times, people would prefer using Soul Break as a means to finish the game. However, these tactics may not always work. However, by knowing how to synchronize your team and mix-and-match their abilities, winning battles wouldn’t be hard at all!

Mastering Skills

When it comes to mastering abilities, make sure you keep the equipment that has the skill equipped. After mastering the skill, you can change your weapon and still retain the ability. It has a similar learning system that of Final Fantasy IX where there are ability points that fill up a gauge for you to master. The more times you use the skill, the faster you can master the skill.

Recommended Equipment

For the earlier stages, it’s best to have Velvet and Rokurou more focused in dealing heavy physical damage. What makes Velvet extremely powerful is her Soul Break. Her ability can turn the tides of battles easily especially if the skill connects to form a chain. While she’s the powerhouse, Rokurou is the Sweeper. He uses his speed to zoom in and out of battle. And to finish things, Eizen and Laphicet use a variety of magic attacks.

Velvet Crowe

Weapon Specific Equipment Armour Ring Shoes Title
 Blood Blade Amber Belt Amber Garment Resist Ring Battle Boots  Martial Swordsman


Weapon Specific Equipment Armour Ring Shoes Title
Foreign Sword Twin Blessings Amber Vest Resist Ring Battle Boots  Soldier


Weapon Specific Equipment Armour Ring Shoes Title
 Amber Leaf Mercury Pouch Amber Vest Resist Ring Battle Boots Papermaker


Weapon Specific Equipment Armour Ring Shoes Title
Wristlet Memory Locket Amber Vest Resist Ring Battle Boots Sorghum (?)

Even with good equipment, strategy is still the best!

When fighting bosses,it’s still possible to get stomped. Even if you have all the best gear for your particular level. The best part of this game is that you’re able to make split-second decisions. In Turn-Based, there’s not much room to dodge or heal. But in Tales of Berseria, you’re allowed to move to a safe area and heal.

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