Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Isurd Hero Guide

Dawnhero Isurd hero guide and how to recruit the hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC 3). Included are details on Isurd's hero's class, role, weapon, background, hero rating, chain attack effects, best combat arts, best talent art, and other useful information.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Dawnhero Isurd Hero Guide and How to Recruit

Dawnhero Isurd Hero Guide and How to Recruit in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Dawnhero Isurd Hero Profile and How to Recruit Isurd is a seasoned tactician and commander of the Agnus’ Colony Lambda. Once a former mentor to Taion, taking him under his wing to train him up as a tactician, Isurd now greets his former ally as an enemy.

Isurd is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (JP) and Ian Bouillion (EN).

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Isurd Information

Gender Male
Base Hero Class Strategos
Base Hero Role Healer
Staring Weapon Disc Launcher
Hero Location Clearwater Shelf, Pentelas Region
Recommended Level Level 27 or higher
How to Recruit
  • Reach Chapter 4 and clear quest: “Unwavering Resolve” in Colony Lambda.
How to Ascend
  • Reach Chapter 6 and clear the ascension quest: “Effervescent Heart” in Colony Lambda.
  • Must have Isurd in your active party.

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Hero Rating of Isurd

Attack Defense Healing Support

Strengths and Weaknesses of Isurd

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has strong healing, including AoE and field heal effects.
  • Has decent attack power.
  • Has a low physical defense stat.
  • Has a low ether defense stat.

Chain Attack Effects of Isurd

Chain Attack War of Attrition
Initial TP Cost 40 TP
Completion Bonus Reduces enemy physical and ether defense by 15% during Chain Attack.
Heroic Chain Guarantees a “Bravo” rating when Hero completes and order.

Best Combat Arts of Isurd

Combat Art Attack Type Target
  • Set Field
  • AoE
Art Effect
  • Cast an HP regenerative field around the user.
Mirror Trap
  • Buff
  • AoE
Art Effect
  • Cast a buff around the user.
  • Ether Attack
  • Single-Target
Art Effect
  • None.

Best Talent Art of Isurd

Talent Art Attack Type Target
  • Ether Atack
  • Single-Target
Art Effect
  • Heals all allies when Art hits, a maximum of 150% of Healing Power.
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