Lord of the Dragovians Boss Guide [Dragon Quest VIII/ DQ8 3DS]

Lord of the Dragovians

The Lord of the Dragovians is a secret boss that is considered the most powerful dragon that the Hero and his party can encounter.

Note: We are still in the process of updating data on this boss. Check back regularly when we have its complete stats, attacks and enemy behavior.


HP MP Attack Defense Speed EXP Gold Item
8300 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Name Range Damage Notes
Normal Attack Single
C-c-cold Breath All About 440 Breath damage
Scorch All Breath damage
War Cry All Stuns targets


The Lord of the Dragovians may attack once or twice each turn. Cast Insulatle to decrease the damage of Ultimate Dragon’s breath attacks. You can reserve a bit of your MP to cast healing and resurrecting spells after C-c-cold Breath.

The Lord of the Dragovians tends to change its attack pattern during the fight. It’s behavior can be any of the two below:

  • Type A: Attack -> Scorch or C-c-cold Breath
  • Type B: Attack -> Scorch or War Cry


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