Empyrea Boss Guide [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

This section covers an overview and strategy on how to defeat the Godbird Empyrea, the purple phoenix of majestic splendor, which is an even more formidable opponent in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII.


The Godbird Empyrea is a legendary purple phoenix which possesses the power to warp from one world to the next. She assisted the Seven Sages in imprisoning Rhapthorne.

Note: We are still in the process of updating data on this boss. Check back regularly when we have its complete stats, attacks and enemy behavior.

Dragon Quest VIII Empyrea Boss Guide 

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HP MP Attack Defense Agility EXP Gold ITEM
2400 386 308 101 10150 Seed of Magic?


Name Range Damage Notes
Normal attack Single Around 150
Grabs hold Single 1.25 times the normal
Zap All 56-72 Calls down lightning on all enemies
Disruptive Wave All All buffs and status ailments are removed
Kafuddle All Confuses all enemies (May not hit all)
Dazzle All Envelops a group of enemies in illusions


Be prepared before challenging Empyrea as it will be a tough battle. In the 3DS version, Empyrea now has slightly higher HP, and can use the Kafuddle spell. In order to have a fighting chance against the Godbird Empyrea, all the members of the party must be properly geared and their levels must be around 35-40s. When the party is ready, save then head to the arch to engage in a battle against her.

Empyrea sports a massive 308 defense which allows it to shield from most physical attacks. The suggested route is to prioritize abilities which amount to high critical damage such as: the Hero’s Lightning Thrust, Yangus’ Executioner, and Morrie’s ?? etc.

Apart from her regular attack, Empyrea uses spells such as Zap to deal tons of damage to each member of the party. She also attacks twice each turn.

Nearly all of Jessica’s spells are nullified because of Empyrea’s Disruptive Wave attack. However, if you are able to cast Oomph, it will be helpful for both the Hero or Yangus since at least one of them will be dealing high damage most of the time with critical abilities. Zap and Thin air are also useful during this boss battle.

Another thing to note is that Empyrea deals nearly 200 damage with each attack, therefore it is important to prioritize healing high HP characters. Around 250 HP is required to survive Empyrea’s Zap spell and Grab hold.

With Red’s high speed, she can be a valuable asset to the party by fulfilling the role of a cleric by using only healing moves. To better support the party, she is recommended to have the Meteorite bracer equipped.

In order to obtain a Meteorite Bracer, you have to show 60 mini medals to Princess Minnie. However should you want another Meteorite Bracer (Agility +50) you have to obtain an Orichalcum. This item is obtainable from Princess Minnie. If you show her 83 mini medals she will reward you with it. The Orichalcum is one of the ingredients to make the Meteorite Bracer using the Alchemy Pot.

Some equipment and abilities to use when challenging the Godbird Empyrea are the following:

  • Yangus’ Executioner
  • Hero’s Lightning Thrust
  • Red’s Fullheal, Accelerate, Sage’s Stone, HP+20取得?
  • Angelo’s Bounce, Multiheal, Fullheal

It is also advisable to call upon the monster team such as Talos, Skeledoid, etc. as these will allow you to deal around 100 damage in 1 turn.

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