Chocobo Quests [Final Fantasy 15/FFXV]

Chocobos have come back with the recent release of Final Fantasy XV. This guide shows you how to complete the numerous quests involving chocobos.

Friends of a Feather

At the beginning of chapter 03, Prompto will suggest that you visit the Chocobo Post. This will trigger the “Friends of a Feather” quest to be your active sidequest.

  • Speak to Wiz at the Chocobo Post.
  • Speak to him again and choose “A Behemoth Undertaking” from his hunt list. Finishing this hunt will finish Friends of a Feather.

You will get paid 1,500 in experience points and a Chocobo Whistle. By finishing this quest, you will also unlock the Rent-a-Bird service, giving your characters an access to chocobos to run around the huge world of Eos.

Chocobo Levels

Chocobos can level up. They start with a running speed of 17 mph, sprinting speed of 25 mph, a jumping height of 5’5”, and a stamina of 60. Your chocobos level up as you use them.

Chocobo Level Riding Time Bonus
2 2 min New ability: Dash de Chocobo
You can now summon your chocobo so that you can flee once per battle.
3 6 min Max stamina + 10 running speed increased to 20 mph
4 8 min New ability: Kick de Chocobo
Your chocobo can now fight against your enemies and kick them very very hard.
5 12 min Max stamina + 10 sprinting speed increased to 28 mph
6 16 min New ability: Dance de Chocobo
Your chocobo can now buff you.
7 20 min Max stamina + 10 jumping height increased (8’8″)
8 20 min New ability: Rush de Chocobo
Your chocobo barrages your enemy with its attacks.
9 24 min Max stamina +10 stamina recovery rate x 2
10 30 min Link de Chocobo
Your chocobo performs blindside-link attacks with Noctis.

Chocobo Races

By finishing “A Behemoth Undertaking,” not only do you unlock access to chocobos, you also can start racing chocobos. Speak to the man inside the small cabin across the highway south of Wiz Chocobo Post.

Take note that there are seven races available totally. However, some are not accessible until you are further into the story.

Races Unlock Condition Course Reward
Vs. Prompto Complete “A Behemoth Undertaking” Short Rounsey Medal
Vs. Gladio Win a race vs. Prompto Medium Destrier Medal
Chocobo Hoops: Grange Gallop Win a race vs. Gladio Short Short Course Medal
Vs. Ignis Win a race of Chocobo hoops; Grange Gallop and reach Chapter 05 Long Corser Medal
Full Field Win a race vs. Ignis Short Fat Chocobo medal
Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Road Win a full field race long Long course medal
Vs. Iris Win a race of Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Road and reach Chapter 06 Medium Jennet Medal (You also obtain the Jockey Master Medal from the man at the reception after obtaining all other medals.)

Source: Final Fantasy XV: The Complete Official Guide 

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