Justice Monsters Five Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This page contains a guide on the Justice Monsters Five mini game in Final Fantasy XV, including basic controls, strategy, tips and tricks and rewards obtained in the game.

Justice Monsters Five Guide

Justice Monsters Five is a popular pinball game in the world of Final Fantasy XV. JMF machines can be found in all Crow’s Nest Diners, as well as the cafe where Alessio hangs out in Altissia.

The game’s main objective is to shoot pinballs called orbs at enemies in the game and deplete their HP. Each set of enemies is called a wave. After clearing a wave, you will move on to the next. Enemy bosses may occasionally appear after a few waves, and have more HP than regular enemies.

At the start of the game, you are given four random orbs that each have HP. You will lose the game once all four of your orbs are destroyed.

Game Basics


Input Command Description
X Button Tap the button to shoot and hold it to charge the orb. A charged orb can use one of three special properties: burst climb or pierce.
Left Analog Stick When shooting or charging an orb: slice an orb that allows it to spin which affects it trajectory
L1 and R1 Buttons Selects an orb
Triangle Button Swaps an orb
Square Button Use the Hero Tech
Circle Button Quit

Shot Types

  • Simple Shot: Tapping the X Button performs an instant shot with no delay. You can fire orbs rapidly this way to take out nearby enemies.
  • Charged Shot: Holding the X button and releasing it will perform a shot with special properties. Take note that charged shots have a delay before they are released, so be sure to time them well.

Charged Shot Properties

Type Characteristics
Burst Indicated by a blue orb marked with a “B”. Burst shots explode upon impact that deal additional damage.
Climb Indicated by a red orb marked with a “C”. Climb shots can scale walls that allow you to hit enemies from behind.
Pierce Indicated by a yellow orb marked with a “P”. Pierce shots penetrate through enemies to hit specific weak points and to damage a line of enemies.

Hero Tech

A blue bar on the right of an orb’s icon will gradually fill up. When it is full, press the square button to perform a Hero Tech. The Hero Tech unleashes an orb’s true power and may either heal or deal a powerful attack on enemies. A good way to take advantage of this powerful ability is to select a different orb that is currently not in play (but not swapping to it) before activating the Hero Tech. This will cause the selected orb to join the game for a short period after using its Hero Tech, allowing you to attack with two orbs on the board at once temporarily.


Orbs in JMF are infused with various elements. Be mindful the weaknesses of different enemies to inflict maximum damage on them.

Elemental Potency

Element Good Against
Fire Earth
Earth Lightning
Lightning Water
Water Fire
Light Dark
Dark Light

Some elements are unlocked by playing the app version of JMF.

In-Game Events

Certain events are triggered by doing specific actions during play.

Event Description
Combo Indicated by “COMBO”. The combo event is triggered by hitting an enemy at least twice within three seconds. The more hits you string in a combo the more damage each hit does to an enemy.
Weak Point Indicated by an icon on an enemy boss. Hitting a weak point inflict massive damage to an enemy.
Heal Orbs (low) Indicated by a cylindrical potion bottle icon. This reward slightly restores HP to all orbs.
Heal Orbs (moderate) Indicated by a bulbous potion bottle icon. This reward moderately restores HP to all orbs.

Justice Bonus Slots

A slot machine mini-game also activates during play to give the player bonuses by matching to or three identical symbols.

Bonus Description
HP Up Indicated by a heart and the words “HP UP!”.
2 slots out of 3: Restores 50% of HP to all orbs
3 slots out of 3: Restores 100% HP to all orbs
Bonus Damage Indicated by a monster arm and the words “BONUS DAMAGE”.
2 slots out of 3: Reduces current HP of enemies by 20%
3 slots out of 3: Reduces the current HP of enemies by 50%
Tech Ready Indicated by three blue orbs and the words “TECH READY!”.
2 slots out of 3: Fills all orb tech bars by 50%
3 slots out of 3: Completely fills all orb tech bars
Treasure Chest Indicated by a gold treasure chest.
2 slots out of 3: Grant two treasure cheses upon stage completion
3 slots out of 3: Grant five treasure chests upon stage completion
Bonus Points Indicated by a gold coin with a monster arm.
2 slots out of 3: Grants 30000 bonus points
3 slots out of 3: Grants 100000 bonus points


Prizes in JMF are based on how many treasure chests you earn in each game. Better rewards can be obtained by earning more chests. JMF’s most valuable prize is the Wind-up Lord Vexxos which sells for half a million Gil. You can also choose to use it in spellcrafting as it is one of the most potent catalysts in the game.

Chests Reward (10-Gil Game) Reward (10000-Gil Game)
99 Celestriad Wind-up Lord Vexxos
90 Emerald Bracelet Onion Bangle
80 Platinum Bangle Dark Matter Bracelet
70 Ruby Bracelet Assist Suit
60 Oracle Earring Gigas Bangle
50 Gold Bangle Blue Diamond Bracelet
45 Sapphire Bracelet Legatus Bangle
40 Mega Phoenix Moogle Charm
35 Titanium Bangle Mystic Circlet
30 Amethyst Bracelet Centurion Bangle
25 Carbon Bangle Emerald Bracelet
20 Garnet Bracelet Platinum Bangle
15 Hi-Elixir Ruby Bracelet
10 Elixir Mega Phoenix
5 Hi-Potion Hi Potion
2 Potion


JMF is available for download as an app for mobile devices. You will receive additional orbs in the main game of Final Fantasy XV and a decal for the Regalia when you’ve played on the app.

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