Cooking Skill Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This page contains a guide on Ignis’ Cooking Skill in Final Fantasy XV, including basic mechanics, strategies, inredients, recipes, food effects and tips and tricks in the game.

Cooking Skill Guide

Ignis can cook when the party camps out or rests at havens via the Cooking Skill. Recipes are unlocked through various methods such as eating a dish at a restaurant, finishing sidequests or raising the Cooking Skill to a certain level. Just make sure that you have the required ingredients.

When a party member eats one of their favorite foods, they will receive specific bonuses:

  • Noctis’ tech bar will have a fill rate increase of 100%
  • Allies leveling rate will be doubled for any techniques used. Critical hits are also guaranteed when techniques are performed.

To best take advantage of stat buffs from eating cooked meals, we recommend that you unlock Ignis’ Aftertaste nexuses as early as you can. This will extend the duration of food effects to help you in combat as you progress further in the game. The duration of buffs is indicated below.

  • Default: until nightfall (up to 12 hours)
  • Aftertaste (18 AP): until sunrise on the following day (up to 24 hours)
  • Lingering Aftertaste (99 AP): until nightfall on the following day (up to 36 hours)
  • Persistent Aftertaste (333 AP): until sunrise on the day after the next (up to 48 hours)

Cooked Meals List

Note: Those marked with a (*) cannot be purchased in shops.

Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Flame-Roasted Toast Strength +10 1 Default
Toasty Rice Balls HP +50 1 Default
Chilled Food Tin HP + 100, Strength +30 1 Default (Chapter 10)
Croque Madame Birdbeast Egg, Gighee Ham Strength +30 40 Default
Veggie Medley Stew Leiden Potato, Sheep Milk, Funguar Strength +20, HP +150 40 Default
Prairie-Style Skewers Anak Meat, Leiden Pepper Strength +40, HP +200 50 Cooking skill Lv. 2 Gladiolus
Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish Giant Trevally Fillet, Wild Onion Strength +60, HP +200, Magic +50 50 Cooking skill Lv. 3
Breaded Cutlet with Tomato Anak Meat, Lucian Tomato Strength +60, HP +250 50 Cooking skill Lv. 4 Ignis
Creamy Fowl Saute Daggerquill Breast *, Sheep Milk, Funguar Strength +80, HP +400, Prevents Poison 60 Cooking skill Lv. 5
Fluffy Chiffon Cake Leiden Sweet Potato, Cleigne Wheat Vitality +200, Spirit +200, HP +1000 60 Cooking skill Lv. 6
Robust Bean Soup Eos Green Peas *, Leiden Pepper, Killer Tomato HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.5, Tech Boost +100% 60 Cooking skill Lv. 7
Creamy Milk Risotto Malmashroom, Saxham Rice, Sheep Milk HP +600, HP Recovery Rate x1.75, Prevents Toad 70 Cooking skill Lv. 8
Lasagna al Forno Jabberwock Sirloin, Cleigne Darkshell, Fine Cleigne Wheat HP +4000, EXP +100% Blocks Fire/Ice/Lightning 90 Cooking skill Lv. 9
Gold Tail Soup Kujata Marrow, Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural Shallot 100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5 90 Cooking skill Lv. 10


Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich Garula Sirloin, Cleigne Wheat Strength +80, HP +200 50 Eat “Hamerhead Hot Sandwich” at Hammerhead Noctis
Thick ‘n’ Juicy Steak Catoblepas Brisket *, Kettier Ginger Infinite Stamina, HP +1000 80 Eat “Sizzling Humongo-Steak” at Hammerhead
Peppery Daggerquill Rice Daggerquill Breast *, Saxham Rice, Leiden Pepper Strength +80, HP +250 60 Eat “Bird-Broth Rice with Curry” in Lestallum Prompto
Lestallum Stewed Tripe Sahagin Liver *, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer Tomato Magic +200, HP Recovery Rate x1.75 70 Eat “Offal Stew” in Lestallum
Seasoned Midgardsormr Midgardsormr Shank, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer Tomato +2% damage per level for level difference between attacker and higher-level target, Strength +350, HP +1000 90 East “Spicy Skewers” in Lestallum
Cup Noodles Cup Noodles Strength +30, HP +300 1 Approach the Cup Noodles Wagon in Lestallum Prompto
Cup Noodles (real taste) Cup Noodles Strength +80, HP +500, EXP +20% 1 Sidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladiolus) Gladiolus
Fisherman’s Favorite Risotto Cleigne Mollusk, Caem Pinkshrimp, Saxham Rice Stength +120, HP Recovery Rate x1.25, HP +600 70 Sidequest: Kitty Catering (Cat) Ignis
Memory Lane Cake Leiden Sweet Potato *, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Ulwaat Berries Magic +500/ Strength 0 100 Sidequest: Berried Memories (Coctura) Noctis
Meldacio Meat Pie Leukorn Steak, Dualhorn Steak, Cleigne Wheat Strength +150, Magic +100, HP +500 70 Eat “Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie” at Meldacio Hunter HQ Prompto
Hunter’s Krazy Kebabs Catoblepas Brisket *, Wild Onion Strength +200, HP +800 80 Eat “Meat & Onion Skewers” at Meldacio Hunter HQ
King’s Stew Behemoth Tenderloin, Griffon Breast, Kujata Marrow Strength +350, HP +1500 90 Eat “Hunter’s Ragout” at Meldacio Hunter HQ
Stacked Ham Sandwich Garula Sirloin, Fine Gighee Ham, Aegir Root * HP +200, EXP +50% 60 Eat “Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker” at Wiz Chocobo Post
Smoked Behemoth Behemoth Tenderloin, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Smoking Wood Strength +400, HP +1000, Infinite Stamina 90 Eat “Smoked Dualhorn Shank” at Verinas Mart – Ravatogh
Tide Grouper Carpaccio Tide Grouper Fillet, Aegir Root * Strength +300, HP +1000, Prevents Instant Death 90 Eat “Fettini di Cernia” in Altissia
Sea Bass Saute Sea Bass Fillet *, Tenebraen Oak HP +1500, Prevents Toad, Ice Resistance +50 80 Eat “Wood-Smoked Fish” in Altissia
Royal Banquet Canape Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger, Allural Shallot Strength/Magic +75, EXP +50% 120 Eat “Fine Caviar Canape” in Altissia


Name Ingredients Effects SP Learning Condition Favorite
Mother & Child Rice Bowl Chickatrice Leg *, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice HP +1000, EXP +30%, Drop Rate +50% 70 Watch a woman eat this dish on a table near Lestallum’s lookout Noctis
Skewered Wild Trout Trout Fillet, Leiden Pepper Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents Toad 70 Catch a Rainbow Trout Gladiolus
Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural Shallot Strength +350, HP +2000, Fire Resistance +50 100 Catch a Platinum Myrltrout
Grilled Wild Barramundi Barramundi Fillet, Schier Turmeric Strength +80, HP +500 60 Catch a Crag Barramundi Noctis
Nebula Salmon Teriyaki Nebula Salmon Fillet *, Hulldagh Nutmeg Strength +150, Magic +150, HP +600 90 Catch a Nebula Salmon
Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper Vesper Gar Filler *, Schier Turmeric, Leiden Pepper Strength +500/Magic 0 90 Catch a Vesper Gar
Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew Garula Sirloin, Leiden Potato, Lucian Tomato Strength +80, HP +250 50 Unlocked after your first Garula Sirloin drop
Crispy Zu Skewers Zu Tender, Fine Cleigne Wheat HP +80, Critical Rate +20% 100 Unlocked after your first Zu Tender drop
Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak Dualhorn Steak, Leiden Pepper Stength +50, HP +200 50 Unlocked after your first Dualhorn Steak drop
Packed Mushroom Kebabs Alstroom, Vesproom Strength/Magic +200, Max HP reduced to 10% 70 Unlocked after collecting your first Vesproom
Three-Mushroom Kebabs Alstroom, Vesproom, Malmashroom Strength +150, HP +800, Prevents most status ailments 80 Unlocked after collecting your fist Malmashroom
Crown City Roast Jabberwock Sirloin, Leiden Pepper Strength +400, HP +3000 90 Unlocked after your first Jabberwock Sirloin drop
Royal Road Paella Cleigne Mollusk, Cleigne Darkshell, Saxham Rice Strength +150, HP +1000, Infinite Stamina 80 Unlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (inside a small wooden building to the east of Coernix Station – Cauthess)
Hearty Cutlet on Rice Girffon Breast, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Saxham Rice Strength +250, HP +1500 90 Unlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (under the road bridge directly south of the Vesperpool)
Crispy Cheese Pizza Strength +100, Infinite Stamina, Prevents Poison 1 Pre-order bonus

Other Skills

Fishing (Noctis) Survival (Gladiolus) Cooking (Ignis) Photography (Prompto)

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