Photography Skill Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

This page contains a guide on Prompto’s Photography Skill in Final Fantasy XV, including basic mechanics, level progression and SP rewards in the game.

Photography Skill

Prompto can take pictures during your travels across Eos using the Photography Skill. Each day, the batch of shots taken can be viewed whenever you rest at camp, a haven or in lodgings. Every picture Prompto takes allows him to gain SP. Leveling up the Photography Skill unlocks more shooting techniques and color filters for your photos. This skill is purely for leisure, though it may earn you gold by completing Vyv’s sidequests.

Skill Level Overview

Level Improvement
1 Default
2 Filter: Roadtrip
3 Filter: Memory
4 Skill: Self-portrait
5 Filter: Dawn
6 Skill: Prompto can take photos even when in Danger
7 Filter: Bloom
8 Skill: Prompto can take photos even when he’s busy
9 Filter: Journey
10 Skill: Prompto can include himself in group pictures

SP Rewards

Action SP Rewarded
Automatic photo 5
Snapshot (Prompto’s combat technique) 5
Group picture 20
Complete a Tour sidequest with Prompto 20

Other Skills

Fishing (Noctis) Survival (Gladiolus) Cooking (Ignis) Photography (Prompto)

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