Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Evrae Boss Guide

A boss guide for Evrae in Final Fantasy X including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it.

FFX Evrae Boss Guide

Evrae Boss Information


HP 32,000 (2,000 Overkill)
MP 500
Strength 36
Magic 30
Defense / Magic Defense 1 / 1
Agility 20
Accuracy 100
Evasion 1
Luck 15
AP 5,400 (8,100 Overkill)
Gil 2,600
Weakness None
Strong Against Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water
Absorbs None
Immunity Silence, Sleep, Poison, Petrify, Zombie, Immune, Armor Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi, Capture
Location Encountered Fahrenheit


Steal Water Gem
Drop Blk Magic Sphere, Weapon (Piercing, Stonetouch), Armor (Stone Ward)


1) Normal Attack

FFX Evrae Boss Guide

Swipes at a single target with its claws. Deal physical damage.

2) Stone Gaze

FFX Evrae Boss Guide

Inflicts petrification on a single target.

3) Photon Spray

FFX Evrae Boss Guide

A long-range attack that hits the entire party. Is only usable when the party pulls away from the boss.

3) Swooping Scythe

A physical attack that closes the distance if the party pulled away from the boss. Has a 50% chance of instantly killing petrified characters.

4) Inhale

Used before Evrae performs Poison Breath.

4) Poison Breath

Poisons the entire party. Can only be executed when the party is close to the boss.

5) Haste

FFX Evrae Boss Guide

Increases the speed of Evrae. Is performed randomly or when the boss has been affected by Slow.


Defeating Evrae

When the battle begins, it is recommended for Tidus to use Hastega on the entire party to gain a speed advantage. Wakka’s Dark Buster or Rikku’s Smoke Bomb is good for blinding the boss and reducing its accuracy. To minimize the damage from the boss’ attacks, attack it with Auron’s Power Break. Tidus’ Cheer is also good for bolstering your attack and defense.

When Cid’s turn comes up, tell him to move the ship away from Evrae. This prevents the boss’ Poison Breath attack from hitting you. It will only be able to damage the party with its weak Photon Spray when far away.

Lulu and Wakka will be the primary attackers for the fight. Rikku will have to focus on healing the party. Her Al Bhed Potions are good to use when you find yourself in a pinch as the fight progresses. Don’t forget to reapply Haste and Cheer on the party when you need to.

The Fahrenheit’s Guided Missiles help you stack up damage on the boss, though keep in mind that they can only be used three times.

When Evrae closes the distance with your party, unload on it with physical attacks and magic, as well as Overdrives when you can. Don’t forget to blind it again with Dark Buster or Smoke Bomb when you need to.

Have any Softs, Remedies, and Al Bhed Potions at the ready, or cast Esuna when any of your party members is hit with Stone Gaze. Equipping any equipment that negates petrification, especially Ribbons, is also a good idea.

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