Final Fantasy X / X-2 - How to Obtain All Aeons

A guide on how to obtain all aeons in Final Fantasy X, including storyline and optional summons.

Obtaining All Aeons

Storyline Aeons

These aeons are non-optional and are acquired as you go through the main story.


Final Fantasy 10 - Valefor

Valefor is obtained after completing the Besaid temple Cloister of Trials. It is the first aeon that Yuna acquires in the main story.

Valefor Stats and Abilities


Final Fantasy 10 - Ifrit Aeon

Ifrit is obtained after completing the Kilika temple Cloister of Trials.

Ifrit Stats and Abilities


Final Fantasy 10 - Ixion Aeon

Ixion is obtained after completing the Djose temple Cloister of Trials.

Ixion Stats and Abilities


Final Fantasy 10 - Shiva Aeon

Shiva is obtained upon reaching Macalania temple. It can be summoned in the first fight against Seymour as “???.”

Shiva Stats and Abilities


Final Fantasy 10 - Bahamut Aeon

Bahamut is obtained after completing the Bevelle temple Cloister of Trials. It is the last of the storyline aeons.

Bahamut Stats and Abilities

Optional Aeons

These secret aeons are obtained through special conditions and are not part of the main story.


Anima Aeon

Anima is obtained in Baaj Temple after you have collected all Destruction Treasures in all six Cloisters of Trials, including Zanarkand Ruins. While aboard the airship, input the coordinates X14, Y57 to access a secret location on the map.

After dropping off from the airship, dive into the water and prepare to battle Geosgano. Since Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku are the only party members that can swim, you will have to take on the boss with them.

After defeating Geosgano, dive down into the section marked by the green square on the upper right side of the map. You will arrive at the entrance of a temple. Proceed along the waterway and climb up the stairs to reach the chamber of the fayth. Enter it to acquire Anima.

Anima Stats and Abilities


Final Fantasy 10 - Yojimbo Aeon

Yojimbo is obtained in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. You must have reached the Calm Lands and defeated Defender X to access the location. Yojimbo is acquired after paying him a price that he agrees with.

Yojimbo will ask you a question upon meeting him. Answer with “To defeat the most powerful of enemies.” This will reduce the cost to acquire Yojimbo as your aeon. He will then begin to haggle with you on the price for his services. Use the table below to help you bargain with him.

Yojimbo’s Offer Counter Offer
250,000 Gil 125,001 Gil
225,000 Gil 112,501 Gil
202,500 Gil 141,751 Gil
190,350 Gil Accept

Yojimbo’s initial asking price is 250,000 Gil. To make him lower it, you must offer him at least 50 percent of what he is asking plus 1 Gil on his first two offers. For his third offer, you must offer him at least 70 percent plus 1 Gil of what he asks to make him reduce his price one last time. He will agree to join you for as low as 190,350 Gil.

Yojimbo Stats and Abilities

Magus Sisters

Final Fantasy 10 - Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters are obtained in Remiem temple. You must have acquired Anima and Yojimbo, as well as the Flower Sceptre and Blossom Crown to gain access to the temple’s back door where the Magus Sisters reside.

The Flower Sceptre is obtained after defeating Belgemine’s Bahamut in Remiem temple. The Blossom Crown is a prize from the Monster Arena for capturing every fiend at Mt. Gagazet.

Magus Sisters Stats and Abilities

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