Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 13 – Guadosalam

A complete walkthrough for Guadosalam in Final Fantasy X (FFX), including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.



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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Mega-Potion Guadosalam (right side of the entrance to Seymour’s Manor)
Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XIII) Guadosalam (inside the house on the leftmost side)
Elixir Guadosalam (south of the house near the lamp post)
Hi-Potion (x2) Seymour’s Manor 2F (behind the balcony)
Lightning Marbles (x8) Road to Farplane (left side)
Venus Crest Guadosalam (near entrance)

Area: Guadosalam

1 Optional: Make a pitstop at the Guadosalam Inn to Save.
2 Go south from the house.

Area: Shop

1 Head to the central section of Guadosalam.
2 Enter the Shop and talk to O’aka.
3 Watch the dialogue.
4 Exit from the shop and return to Seymour’s Manor.

Area: Manor Entrance

1 Enter Seymour’s Manor.
2 Converse with the people in the foyer.
3 Go to the door at the bottom floor to find Tromell Guado.

Area: Manor Great Hall

1 Interact with all the party members.
2 Watch the cutscene.
3 Exit the Manor.
4 Watch the cutscene.
5 Proceed to Farplane.

Area: Road to Farplane

1 Pass through the hallway.
2 Watch the dialogue.
3 Enter Farplane.

Area: Farplane

1 Interact with Lulu and Wakka.
2 Watch the cutscenes.
3 Talk to Lulu.
4 Speak with Yuna.
5 Watch the dialogue.
6 Equip Brotherhood.
7 Return to Seymour’s Manor.

Area: Manor Entrance

1 Watch the dialogue.
2 Talk to all the party members while waiting for Yuna.
3 Find Lulu and talk to her.
4 Search for Rikku at the balcony and talk to her.
5 Return to Lulu and speak to her once more.
6 Backtrack to the Shop again.

Area: Shop

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Optional: Purchase “Yellow” Gear.
3 Attempt to exit Guadosalam.

Area: Guadosalam – Manor Entrance

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Rejoin with your party.
3 Speak with Lulu.
4 Yuna will rejoin your party.
5 Follow the path to Thunder Plains.


Affection Question

When you return to Seymour’s Manor, talking to either Lulu or Rikku will trigger a question. The party member that will ask the question is dependent on who you have accumulated more “affection” in the game so far.

When you talk to Lulu for the third time, she will say “I shouldn’t have to say this but don’t fall in love with Yuna.”

In Rikku’s case, she will ask “It’s your big chance, huh?”

While the overall gameplay will stay the same, the cutscenes that happen later will be dependent on the answer you give to either Lulu or Rikku. Choose to praise Yuna, Lulu, or Rikku to boost your “affection.” Choosing a passive answer will not boost any “affection.”

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