Final Fantasy X / X2 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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News and Updates

Final Fantasy X / X2 - News and Updates

▼ FFX / X-2 News and Updates


Final Fantasy X / X2 - Walkhthroughs

Final Fantasy X Walkthroughs

▼Final Fantasy X Walkthroughs
Zanarkand Submerged Ruins
Besaid Island Besaid Village Temple
S.S. Liki Kilika
S.S. Winno Luca
Mi’ihen Highroad Mushroom Rock
Djose Highroad and Temple Moonflow
Guadosalam Thunderplains
Macalania Woods Macalania Lake and Temple
Sanubia Desert Al Bhed
Fahrenheit Airship Bevelle
Via Purifico Return to Macalania Woods
Calm Lands Mt. Gagazet
Mt. Gagazet Cave Zanarkand Ruins
Final Battle with Sin Inside Sin

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough List

Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthroughs

▼Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthroughs
Prologue Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5
 Last Mission

Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough List

Useful Guides

Final Fantasy X / X2 - Useful Guides

Final Fantasy X Useful Guides

▼Final Fantasy X Useful Guides
Farming Gil Guide Power Leveling Guide
How to Obtain the Celestial Mirror How to Obtain All Celestial Weapons
Cloister of Trials Guide Monster Arena
How to Obtain All Aeons Blitzball Guide

Final Fantasy X Useful Guides

Final Fantasy X-2 Useful Guides

▼Final Fantasy X-2 Useful Guides
Farming Gil Guide Power Leveling Guide
How to Obtain All Dresspheres Dancing Mini-Game Guide
All Crimson Sphere Locations How to Unlock All Endings
Secret Dungeon Locations How to Get Baralai’s Sphere

Boss Guides

Final Fantasy X / X2 - Boss Guides

Final Fantasy X Boss Guides

▼Final Fantasy X Boss Guides
Ammes & Sinscale A Geosgano
Klikk Tros
Sin’s Fin Echuilles
Geneaux Oblitzerator
Chocobo Eater Gui
Extractor Spherimorph
Crawler Seymour
Wendigo Evrae
Isaaru’s Aeons Evrae Altana
Seymour Natus & Mortibody Defender X
Biran Ronso & Yenke Ronso Seymour Flux
Sanctuary Keeper Spectral Keeper
Yunalesca Sin’s Left Fin
Sin’s Right Fin Genais & Sin’s Core
Overdrive Sin Seymour Omnis
Braska’s Final Aeon

Final Fantasy X Boss Guide List

Final Fantasy X-2 Boss Guides

▼Final Fantasy X-2 Boss Guides
???? & Goon Logos & Ormi (Luca)
Leblanc (Luca) Leblanc, Logos & Ormi (Mt. Gagazet)
Boris Flame Dragon
Guardian Beast YSLS-Zero
Chocobo Eater Elma & League Warrior
Ormi, Logos & Fem-Goon (Djose) Ormi (Mt. Gagazet)
Logos & Fem-Goon (Bikanel Island) Ormi, Fem-Goon & Dr. Goon (Guadosalam)
Ormi & Logos (Logos’ Room) Leblanc, Ormi & Logos (Leblanc’s Room)
Precepts Guard Georapella
Baralai (Bevelle) Bahamut
Yojimbo Garik Ronso & Ronso Youth
Valefor Ifrit
Ixion Zalamander
King VERMIN! Yaibal
Elma Lucil
Rikku Paine
Baralai (Den of Woe) Gippal
Nooj Experiment
Humbaba Machina Panzer, Watcher-A, Watcher-R, & Watcher-S
Jumbo Cactuar & Cactuar Angra Mainyu, Tawrich, & Zarich
Shiva Magus Sisters
Anima Vegnagun


Final Fantasy X / X2 - Characters

Final Fantasy X Characters

▼Final Fantasy X Characters
Final Fantasy X - Tidus Character IconTidus Final Fantasy X - Yuna Character IconYuna
Final Fantasy X - Wakka Character IconWakka Final Fantasy X - Lulu Character IconLulu
Final Fantasy X - Kimahri Character IconKimahri Final Fantasy X - Auron Character IconAuron
Final Fantasy X - Rikku Character IconRikku

Final Fantasy X Characters List

Final Fantasy X-2 Characters

▼Final Fantasy X-2 Characters
Final Fantasy X-2 - Yuna Character IconYuna Final Fantasy X-2 - Rikku Character IconRikku
Final Fantasy X-2 - Paine Character IconPaine

Game Database

Final Fantasy X / X2 - Game Database

Final Fantasy X Game Database

▼Final Fantasy X Game Database
Weapons Armor
Accessories Abilities
Magic Items

Final Fantasy X-2 Game Database

▼Final Fantasy X-2 Game Database
Dresspheres Accessories
Abilities Magic

Game Overview

FFX / X-2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The memorable Final Fantasy X games are finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, bundling Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 in a special HD remastered version. Players can experience the adventure on the go using the portable console and follow the tales of Tidus and Yuna as they combat an unholy entity known as Sin.

FFX / X-2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Though each of the two Final Fantasy X games follows the same narrative and takes place in the same world, they feature very unique gameplay mechanics. Final Fantasy X focuses on Tidus’ adventures, while Final Fantasy X-2 centers on Yuna after the events of the first game.

Nintendo Switch Version Game Trailer

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Product Information

Game Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster
Genre Role-Playing
Platform Playstation 3 / Playstation Vita / Playstation 4 / Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Release date March 14, 2015 (PS3, Vita) / May 12, 2015 (PS4), May 12, 2016 (Windows), April 16, 2019 (Switch, Xbox One)
Official Website