Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 45 – Bikanel Desert

A complete walkthrough for Bikanel Desert in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), including obtainable items and strategies

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Bikanel Desert


Yuna Rikku

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Area: Bikanel Desert

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Speak with the pilot and select “Cactuar Nation” to trigger another cutscene.
3 When prompted, choose “That makes perfect sense!”
4 Approach Marnela and press X to begin the mission.
5 Search for the six gatekeepers.
6 Optional: Visit the northern and eastern expanses to dig for treasures.
7 Travel to the Calm Lands.


Search for the Gatekeepers

Even though the objective states that you need to locate ten Gatekeepers, you are only able to find six of them during this chapter. Look at the mini map to spot green squares which emit a green aura. To begin, ask the pilot to take you to the Oasis.

Cactuar Location Condition
Lobivia Bikanel Oasis Speak with the Hypello if you find it, then interact with the Cactuar. Finish the mini game and have the pilot take you to the Cactuar Nation. Bring the loot to the cactus.
Toumeya Bikanel Beach After talking to the new cactus, head over to the beach.
Lobeira Chateau in Guadosalam Backtrack all the way to the secret area where you fought the syndicate to find a peculiar chest.
Areq and Arroja Bridge in Calm Lands Proceed to the bridge in the middle of Mt. Gagazet and Calm Lands.
Islaya Thunder Plains Go to the far north and look for a Cactuar statue facing the structure.

Bikanel Desert shop list

Item Price
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Fiery Gleam 3,000
Red Ring 3,000
NulBlaze Ring 8,000

Similar to the shop at Thunder Plains, Bikanel specializes in a certain element based equipment.

Bikanel Oasis shop list

Item Price
Black Choker 4,000
Potpourri 4,000
Pearl Necklace 4,000
Dragonfly Orb 4,000
Gris-Gris Bag 4,000
Pretty Orb 4,000
Chaos Shock 15,000
Fury Shock 15,000
Lag Shock 15,000
System Shock 15,000

Head over to the desert oasis and you might come across the caravan selling all kinds of “-proof” gear.


You can explore the Eastern Expanse and Northern Expanse to continue digging. If you visit the Eastern Expanse, check the mini map to find a green square. Approach it and you will be forced into a battle against machina.

The Northern Expanse is the lair of Zu’s, which you need to defeat
to start your excavation.

Installing Shinra’s CommSpheres

There are two CommSpheres in this area that need to be installed. The first will be automatically installed once you arrive. You need to visit Cactuar Nation to install the other one.

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