Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Kimahri Character Information

Character information for Kimahri Ronso, a character in Final Fantasy X. Included are his background, stats, skills, and overdrives

Kimahri Character Information

Hails from the Ronso tribe which resides at the foot of Mount Gagazet. At the instruction of Auron, Kimahri accompanied Yuna to Besaid 10 years ago. He seems to be wary of others during their first encounters. While he does not speak much, he imparts wise words. He earned the summoner’s trust and joins the party as a guardian.
Kimahri is voiced by Katsumi Chō (JP) and John DiMaggio (EN)

Kimahri Roles

Depending on how you build his Sphere Grid, Kimahri can turn out as a jack-of-all-trades because majority of his attributes are either decent or very high in comparison to the other members of the party.

Kimahri Stats

High Attributes HP, Strength, Defense, Magic, Agility, Luck, Accuracy
Low Attributes Magic Defense, Evasion
Traditional Class Warrior
Weapon Spears and Armlets
Celestial Weapon Spirit Lance
Final Overdrive Nova

Kimahri Skills

Name Effect
Lancet Absorbs a small amount of the enemy’s HP
Scan Shows statistical information of the affected enemy

Kimahri Overdrives: Ronso Rage

In order to unlock the other Overdrives, Kimahri must use Lancet on the following enemies.

Name Effect Unlocking Conditions
Jump Damages one enemy Kimahri starts with it
Seed Cannon Damages one enemy. The damage dealt is based on their HP Plant type enemies
Thrust Kick Launches an enemy Robot type enemies
Aqua Breath Deals water damage to all enemies Chimera type enemies
White Wind Restores all party members’ HP by half and lifts some status ailments Dark Flan, Spirit, Yenke Ronso
Mighty Guard Grants Shell, Protect, and NulAll to all party members Behemoth type enemies, Brian Ronso
Stone Breath Afflicts all enemies with Petrify Basilisk type enemies, Yenke Ronso
Fire Breath Deals fire damage to all enemies Horn type enemies, Yenke Ronso
Doom Chance to knock out an enemy after 5 turns Ghost type enemies, Biran Ronso
Self-Destruct Knock out the user and deals a huge amount of damage to all enemies Bomb type enemies, Biran Ronso
Bad Breath Afflicts various status ailments to all enemies Malboro type enemies
Nova Deals a significant amount of damage to all enemies Omega Weapon, Nemesis
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