Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Power Leveling Guide

A strategy guide for Power Leveling in Final Fantasy X (FFX,) including locations and ways to maximize AP, stats, and damage.

Power Leveling

This process involves gaining loads of AP in the least amount of time.

Omega Ruins

What differentiates the enemies in Omega Ruins from others is that they reward the party with a generous amount of AP. Weapons with  “Double AP/Triple AP” or “Double Overdrive/Triple Overdrive” traits.


Organize the party so that their custom weapons have “Triple Overdrive,” “Triple AP,” and “Overdrive → AP” abilities. One character should have the Stoic setting, while the rest should have Comrade set in their Overdrives. One member should have Hastega/Haste, and you will need a stock of Phoenix Downs to revive fallen party members.

During the battle, use Hastega and allow Don Tonberry to retaliate with Karma on the party member set to Stoic. The custom gear will convert the Overdrive gauge to AP. Revive fallen members and recast Haste to keep the buff intact. Repeat this process until you defeat Don Tonberry or flee. This enemy’s Karma should be enough to raise the Overdrive gauge, which then raises AP. Regardless of whether the player flees or the gauge is filled to the brim, the character will still keep the AP at the end.

By assigning a dedicated healer and an attacker with plenty of kills, the party can help boost the Sphere levels of the weaker member by skipping his action each turn. You can earn 99 sphere levels quickly in one battle. While the minimum requirement for this trick is to have “Overdrive → AP,” having “Triple Overdrive” and “Triple AP” hastens the process.

You can also make use of weapons imbued with “SOS Overdrive” and “Overdrive → AP” abilities paired with “SOS Haste” armor and “Auto-Life.” Since Cactuar can also deal damage similar to Karma, you can battle against it as an alternative.

Monster Arena’s Species Conquest

Increasing Stats

Raise a character’s stats by collecting Spheres. You can unlock Species Conquest in Monster Arena and it gives various spheres used to unlock new nodes in the Sphere Grid. To get more Spheres, you can aim to fight Kotto or Fafnir to obtain 20, or you can even garner 40 if you land an Overkill.

Maximizing Damage

To increase the damage of characters to a cap of 99,999, the party needs to collect plenty of rare materials called Dark Matter. This is a rare material which is used to reinforce weapons with the Break Damage Limit ability. You can earn plenty by running the Species Conquest and choosing to battle enemies such as Sleep Sprout if you have captured five Fungus-type fiends. Break Damage Limit is innate to Auron’s Masamune.

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