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Monster Arena

The monster arena is a battle arena found in Calm Lands. Any fiends captured will appear in Monster Arena.

Capture Fiends

You can capture fiends if you knock it out using a weapon with the capture ability. You cannot obtain this through customization, so you need to visit the Monster Arena owner and buy one. Each weapon has ‘Capture’ and comes with an empty slot.

To make it easier to capture fiends, focus on having Sensor, Deathstrike, Piercing, and Counter-attack, Evade & Counter, or Magic Counter as additional traits. Sensor allows you to see the fiend’s remaining HP, while Deathstrike can deal with stronger fiends. Auron or Kimahri’s Piercing will make capturing faster. Similar to Deathstrike, abilities with ‘Counter’ can be beneficial against stronger, late-game enemies.

Rebattle Monsters

You can battle the captured fiend by visiting the arena. Pay the cost for the captured fiend and the owner will allow you to battle it. Prices can range from as low as 18 gil per fight to as high as 25,000. Some fiend groups will only appear if you meet certain conditions.

You will not receive a ‘Game Over’ if your party fails to defeat the monster in the arena. Instead, you will return to the arena’s entrance.

Fiends List


Monster Species Cost
Dingo Lupine 24
Condor Bird 18
Water Flan Flan 27

Kilika Woods

Monster Species Cost
Dinonix Reptile 40
Killer Bee Wasp 34
Yellow Element Elemental 49
Ragora Plant 72

Mi’ihen Highroad

Monster Species Cost
Mi’ihen Fang Lupine 49
Ipiria Reptile 69
Floating Eye Evil eye 66
White Element Elemental 72
Raldo Helm 63
Vouivre Drake 90
Bomb Bomb 105
Dual Horn Ruminant 157

Mushroom Rock Road

Monster Species Cost
Raptor Reptile 72
Gandarewa Imp 93
Thunder Flan Flan 75
Red Element Elemental 82
Lamashtu Ruminant 108
Funguar Fungus 63
Garuda Roc 210

Djose Road

Monster Species Cost
Garm Lupine 132
Simurgh Bird 109
Bite Bug Wasp 93
Snow Flan Flan 139
Bunyip Helm 145
Basilisk Basilisk 187
Ochu Ochu 780

Thunder Plains

Monster Species Cost
Melusine Reptile 162
Aerouge Imp 216
Buer Evil Eye 198
Gold Element Elemental 160
Kusariqqu Drake 168
Larva Larva 495
Iron Giant Iron Giant 900
Qactuar Cactuar 4000


Monster Species Cost
Snow Wolf Lupine 288
Iguion Reptile 207
Wasp Wasp 213
Evil Eye Evil eye 307
Ice Flan Flan 282
Blue Element Elemental 270
Murussu Helm 247
Mafdet Helm 258
Xiphos Blade 330
Chimera Chimera 1455


Monster Species Cost
Sand Wolf Lupine 337
Alcyone Bird 360
Mushussu Drake 405
Zu Rock 1800
Sand Worm Worm 1500
Cactuar Cactuar 400

Calm Lands

Monster Species Cost
Skoll Lupine 630
Nebiros Wasp 480
Flame Flan Flan 672
Shred Helm 552
Anacondaur Basilisk 1125
Ogre Ogre 1470
Coeurl Coeurl 1650
Chimera Brain Chimera 1500
Malboro Malboro 1650

Sunken Cave/ Stolen Fayth Cavern

Monster Species Cost
Yowie Reptile 720
Imp Imp 915
Dark Element Elemental 780
Nidhogg Drake 903
Thorn Fungus 795
Valaha Ruminant 1080
Epaaj Blade 1425
Ghost Revenant 1215
Tonberry Tonberry 3000

Mt. Gagazet

Monster Species Cost
Bandersnatch Lupine 1320
Ahriman Evil Eye 975
Dark Flan Flan 1620
Grenade Bomb 810
Grat Plant 780
Grendel Ruminant 1095
Bashura Ogre 1095
Mandragora Plant 1800
Behemoth Behemoth 2025
Splasher None 300
Achelous Haizhe 630
Maelspike Dinofish 495

Inside Sin

Monster Species Cost
Exoray Fungus 1260
Wraith Revenant 1605
Gemini A (sword) Iron Giant 1666
Gemini B (club) Iron Giant 1666
Demonolith Doomstone 2205
Great Malboro Malboro 2250
Barbatos Armor 2325
Adamantoise Adamantoise 3300
Behemoth King Behemoth 2775

Omega Ruins

Monster Species Cost
Zaurus Reptile 1425
Floating Death Evil Eye 1897
Black Element Elemental 1560
Halma Helm 1545
Puroboros Bomb 1455
Spirit Larva 1950
Machea Blade 2175
Master Coeurl Coeurl 3045
Master Tonberry Tonberry 3600
Varuna Spellspinner 2670

Unlockable Fiends

Area Conquest

The first group of unlockable fiends. While some of the fiends used to unlock them may be found in more than one area, you cannot use the same species to unlock different Area Conquest monsters.

All the fiends in Area Conquest cost 6,000 gil each.

Monster Species Unlocking Conditions
Stratoavis Roc Caught at least one of every fiend in Besaid
Malboro Menace Malboro Caught at least one of every fiend in Kilika
Kottos Ogre Caught at least one of every fiend in Mi-ihen Highroad
Coeurlregina Coeurl Caught at least one of every fiend in Mushroom Rock Road
Jormungand Basilisk Caught at least one of every fiend in Djose Highroad
Cactuar King Cactuar Caught at least one of every fiend in Thunder Plains
Espada Blade Caught at least one of every fiend in Macalania Woods, Lake Macalania
Abyss Worm Worm Caught at least one of every fiend in Bikanel
Chimerageist Chimera Caught at least one of every fiend in Calm Lands
Don Tonberry Tonberry Caught at least one of every fiend in Sunken Cavern
Catoblepas Behemoth Caught at least one of every fiend in Mt. Gagazet
Abaddon Spellspinner Caught at least one of every fiend in Inside Sin
Vorban Armor Caught at least one of every fiend in Omega Ruins

Species Conquest

Each fiend in the Species Conquest is equivalent to a boss type of that species.

All the fiends in Species Conquest cost 8,000 gil each

Monster Species Unlocking Conditions
Fenrir Lupine Caught three of each Lupine fiend
Ornitholestes Reptile Caught three of each Reptile fiend
Pteryx Bird Caught three of each Bird fiend
Hornet Wasp Caught three of each Wasp fiend
Vidatu Imp Caught three of each imp(elemental) fiend
One-Eye Evil Eye Caught three of each Eye fiend
Jumbo Flan Flan Caught three of each Flan fiend
Nega Elemental Elemental Caught three of each Element fiend
Tanket Helm Caught three of each Helm(armored) fiend
Fafnir Drake Caught three of each Drake fiend
Sleep Sprout Fungus Caught three of each Fungus fiend
Bomb King Bomb Caught three of each Bomb fiend
Juggernaut Ruminant Caught three of each Ruminant fiend
Ironclad Iron Giant Caught three of each Giant fiend

Original Species

The strongest group of unlockable fiends in Final Fantasy X. Their strength surpasses not only the Arena Conquest and Species Conquest groups, but also the Main Story bosses. You need to breed fiends in order to unlock them. Defeating them will reward you with equipment that boosts critical hit chance by 6%.

All the fiends in Original Species cost 15,000 gil, with the exception of Nemesis which costs a whopping 25,000 gil.

Monster Species Unlocking Conditions
Earth Eater Eater Breed at least two fiends in Area Conquest
Greater Sphere Gel Breed at least two fiends in Species Conquest
Catastrophe Sinspawn Breed at least six fiends in Area Conquest
Th-uban Sacred Beast Breed at least six fiends in Area Conquest
Neslug Hermit Caught at least one of each fiend in every throughout Spira
Ultima Buster Sinspawn Caught five of each fiend roaming throughout Spira
Shinryu Unspecified Caught at least two of each underwater fiend in Mt. Gagazet cavern
Nemesis Weapon Caught ten of each fiend found in Spira and defeated all other original, area conquest, and species conquest species at least once

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