Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 47 – Calm Lands

A complete walkthrough for Calm Lands in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), including obtainable items and strategies

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Calm Lands


Yuna Rikku

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Sprint Shoes Calm Lands (west ledge near the Travel Agency)
Mega-Phoenix Calm Lands (close to the Chocobo Ranch entrance)
Ether x3 Calm Lands (east of Macalania exit)
Hi-Potion x2 Calm Lands (by the exit that leads to Mt. Gagazet)
Mega-Phoenix x2 Calm Lands (approach the dead end on the east path)
Blue Ring Calm Lands (cave, near the two tourists)
White Ring Calm Lands (cave, near the parent and children)
Besaid Key Calm Lands (cave, after rescuing the group of tourists)
Lightning Gleam Calm Lands (cave, hidden area to the right near a lone tourist)
Wall ring Calm Lands (cave, hidden area to the left near a lone tourist)
Recovery Bracer and Tetra Master Garment Grid Calm Lands (after rescuing everyone)
Star Bracer Calm Lands (return to the Chamber of the Fayth)

Area: Calm Lands

1 Head to the main area, then continue west to find a chest close to the Travel Agency.
2 Go near the Chocobo Ranch, then loot the next chest near the fault.
3 Continue east of the Macalania exit for the last chest.
4 Proceed to the northeastern exit.
5 As you approach the exit to Mt. Gagazet, loot the chest.
6 Go down the slope, then follow the path east to a dead end for a chest.
7 Save your game, then enter the cave.
8 Speak with the men outside the cave to start the mission.
9 Rescue the tourists that are trapped inside the cave.
10 Step on the warp pad to battle Dark Yojimbo.
11 After the battle, you will be sent to the airship.
12 Return to Calm Lands and head to the Chamber of the Fayth for the remaining chest.
13 Board the airship one more time, then fly to Mt. Gagazet.


Rescuing the tourists

You must locate the missing tourists and escort them to the entrance. There is no limit to the amount of tourists you can accompany, so guide as many as you want. You need to save 15 tourists to finish the mission.

Tourist Location
Man wearing brown clothes Enter the first spacious chamber, then talk to the man sitting on the floor.
Woman wearing blue Head north, then speak with the woman in the alcove.
Hiding in the corner Go down the tunnel, then make a left. Continue left and follow the curved path. Make another left, and look for the person hidden in the area.
Missing tourist 4 Return to the first crossroad and make a right to the small alcove.
Guy going in circles From the entrance, Follow the passage on the right of the curved path.
Man in white clothes Continue north to reach another large area.
Pair of people sitting near a chest From the first crossroad north, head left, then continue north at the next intersection.
Two children Head to the far north chamber.
Adult with children From the starting point, look for the first crossroad and follow the path that extends to the east.
Missing tourist 14 Use the warp pad to access the hidden chamber (right)
Missing tourist 15 Use the warp pad to access the hidden chamber (left)

After saving the ninth group, go outside and talk to the man wearing green pants to receive the last energy core. Return to the cave and use the spheres on the warp pads to reach the back of the cave.

Calm Lands shop list

Item Price
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300
Titanium Bangle 3,000
Gold Bracer 4,000
Power Wrist 6,000
Tarot Card 6,000

Make a pitstop at the Calm Lands Travel Agency to avail of stat boosting accessories.

Dark Yojimbo

Stockpile on as much agility and defense boosting gear as you can before the fight. Make sure to wear poisonproof gear or carry a stash of antidotes to use on the fly for later. A recommended party consists of two White Mages and one Dark Knight. Ideally, the latter should have poisonproof armor to have immunity to Yojimbo’s poison, although you can still opt to carry Antidotes to be on the safe side.

Yojimbo starts off by casting Kozuka to inflict poison. Neither daigoro or the boss’ Wakizashi deal that much damage, so continue whittling it down with attacks. You will notice that the boss might start to put its hand near its face. This signals that it will unleash Zanmato next turn. Zanmato has a high chance of knocking out a single party member, so have a Mega Potion or Phoenix Down ready for after. You can assign both White Mages to cast Pray to avoid being picked off by Daigoro or Yojimbo’s other attacks.

Installing Shinra’s CommSpheres

A pair of CommSpheres will be installed in Calm Lands when you visit the two locations. Enter the Travel Agency at the center of the map to have the first one installed. Go inside the Chocobo Ranch and continue up the ramp to have the last one installed.

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