Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 6 – Kilika

A complete walkthrough for Kilika in Final Fantasy X (FFX), including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.



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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Potions (x3) Residential Area, hut at the top left
Ether Residential Area, follow Datto and enter the top hut
Al Bhed Primer (Vol. IV) Residential Area, follow Datto and enter the top hut
Mana Spheres Kilika Woods, end of the trail
Scout Kilika Woods, take the west path and pass through the hidden road
Remedy Kilika Woods, talk to the leader
Hi-Potion Kilika Woods, talk to the leader at the north road
Luck Sphere Kilika Woods, northwest path from the Hi-Potion
MP Sphere (common) After defeating Lord Ochu
HP Sphere (rare) After defeating Lord Ochu
Potion Steal from Lord Ochu
Elixir Kilika Woods, talk to Luzzu after defeating the boss
Power Sphere Steal from Sinspawn Geneaux

Area: Docks

1 Record your progress with the Save Sphere.
2 Once you arrive at the crossroads, head left.
3 Proceed down the docks to find a crowd.
4 Watch the cutscene.

Area: Residential Area

1 Save at the Save Sphere.
2 Exit the Inn.
3 Watch the cutscene.
4 Go to the upper left corner of the map and talk to the child.
5 Return to Datto and enter the hut.
6 Go back outside, then turn right for a cutscene.
7 Optional: Make a pitstop at the equipment shop.
8 Talk to Wakka, then head west.
9 Record your progress at the Save Sphere.

Area: Kilika Woods

1 Enter the forest for a cutscene.
2 Train at the forest for experience.
3 Take the east path before turning right at the crossroads.
4 Read the tutorial and defeat the enemies.
5 Optional: Return to the forest entrance and save.
6 Head West and continue to the hidden path.
7 Return to the crossroads. Go west, then north.
8 Continue north and talk to the Guard Leader.
9 Follow the path north and talk to the next Guard Leader.
10 Keep going north, then make a left.
11 Optional: Battle Lord Ochu.
12 Speak to Luzzu the Crusader.

Area: Pilgrimage Road

1 Watch the cutscenes.
2 Record your progress with the Save Sphere.
3 Rejoin Wakka and Yuna.
4 Battle Sinspawn Geneaux.
5 Watch the cutscene.
6 Optional: Go back and use the Save Sphere.
7 Climbs the stairs and watch the cutscenes.

Area: Kilika Temple

1 Proceed North to enter the temple.
2 Optional: Record your progress with the Save Sphere.
3 Go to Wakka and talk with him.
4 Watch the cutscene.
5 Wait until the elevator returns to the top.
6 Watch the cutscene.
7 Complete the Cloister of Trials.

Area: Antechamber

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Talk to Wakka and Lulu to finish the story.
3 Watch the cutscenes.
4 Continue to talk to Wakka and Lulu.
5 Exit the Antechamber.
6 Watch the cutscene.

Area: Kilika Temple (revisited)

1 Watch the cutscenes.
2 Backtrack your way to Kilika docks by passing through the woods.
3 Optional: Purchase items from the shop.
4 After restocking supplies, go to S. S. Winno and select “embark.”


1) Cloister of Trials

Kilika Temple Cloister of Trials Guide

2) Optional Boss: Lord Ochu

Make sure to have a party with full HP and MP before facing the boss. You may also train in the forest beforehand and charge your Overdrives. Alternatively, if you only need HP, have Yuna use Cure outside the battle to restore your party’s HP.

Once the battle starts, focus on managing your party’s HP with Potions and Antidotes or have Yuna swap in to heal. Lulu must focus on casting fire magic since the boss is weak to the element.

Lord Ochu will eventually start regenerating HP, so focus your attacks to prevent it from getting to full health. If all else fails, summon Valefor to cast powerful fire attacks.

2) Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux

Sinspawn Geneaux Boss Guide

In its first form, Sinspawn Geneaux conceals itself in a protective shell to soak up attacks. Focus your attacks on its tentacles in the back to expose it.

As its health is chipped away, Sinspawn will eventually lose its shell. Have Lulu concentrate on using Haste and Fire magic, as Water will restore the boss’ health. Command Wakka to use Silence Attack on its body to prevent it from using water. Have other members use physical attacks to bring down its health.

If you are having trouble dealing damage to Sinspawn, you can summon Valefor. With a full Overdrive, Valefor can make quick work of the tentacles.

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