Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 19 – Fahrenheit Airship

A complete walkthrough for Fahrenheit Airship in Final Fantasy X (FFX), including enemies encountered, obtainable items, and boss strategy guides.

Fahrenheit Airship


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Obtainable Items

Item Location
Al Bhed Potions (x4) Corridor (talk to the Al Bhed on the left side)
Water Gem Steal from Evrae
Blk Magic Sphere After defeating Evrae

Area: Airship

1 Watch the cutscenes.
2 Record your progress with the Save Sphere.
3 Exit the bridge and take the south path.

Area: Corridor

1 Pass by Auron and talk to Isaaru.
2 Watch the cutscene.
3 Return to the doorway on your left.
4 Turn around and go to the back of the airship.
5 Optional: Purchase from Rin’s Shop
6 Pass down the south path and enter the doorway on the left.
7 Talk to Dona.
8 Head back to the bridge and talk to Brother.

Area: Bridge

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Talk to Rikku, then talk to Auron.
3 Exit the cabin.
4 Watch the cutscene.
5 Leave the bridge and return to the Corridor.

Area: Corridor

1 Pass the hallway beyond Isaaru and Rin.
2 Record your progress with the Save Sphere.
4 Go to the lift at the back for a boss fight.
5 Defeat Evrae.
6 Watch the cutscenes.


1) Dona’s Dilemma

During your airship exploration, you will come across Dona who is hunched on the ground. If you speak to her, she will ask you a question about her pilgrimage.

You can choose to answer “Sure! Sounds good to me” or “Who cares?”

While this does not have a major impact on the overall game, you need to decide should you wish to see a specific outcome.

2) Boss: Evrae, Guardian Wyrm of Bevelle

Evrae Boss Guide

Before the battle, stockpile Antidotes and Softs from Rin’s Shop as these will prove useful against Evrae’s status effects.

If you were able to fill up Rikku’s Overdrive, a Mighty G or Super Mighty G can spread plenty of buffs to the entire party. Wakka can then volley attacks while the buffs are active. Keep Wakka’s Strength in check by casting Cheer with Tidus. Should you need to inflict more damage, Tidus can swap with Lulu.

Keep an eye out for Evrae’s Poison Breath. You need to time it in advance and maneuver the airship. This means that you have to avoid attacking between the ship’s movement and the attack’s appearance.

When Evrae’s HP falls to around 1/3, it will begin casting Haste buff which will nullify Tidus’ Slow. Focus on casting Cheer so that Wakka can finish it off.

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