Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Geosgano Boss Guide

A boss guide for Geosgano in Final Fantasy X including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it.

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FFX Geosgano Boss Guide



HP 32,767 (32,767 Overkill during second encounter)
MP 128
Strength 36
Magic 40
Defense / Magic Defense 50 / 50
Agility 5
Accuracy 50
Evasion 1
Luck 15
AP First Encounter: 1 (2 Overkill)
Second Encounter: 4,200 (6,300 Overkill)
Gil 1,000 (During second encounter)
Weakness Magic
Strong Against None
Absorbs None
Immunity Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrify, Slow, Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi, Scan, Delay, Capture
Location Encountered Submerged Ruins


Steal Water Gem
Drop Power Sphere, Weapons with No Encounters Auto-Ability, Armor with Auto-Reflect Ability

Attacks (1st Encounter)

1) Normal Attack

FFX Geosgano Boss Guide

Geosgano’s only attack during the first encounter only halves the target’s current HP.

Attacks (2nd Encounter)

2) Stone Punch

FFX Geosgano Boss Guide

An attack that has a chance to petrify its target, causing them to instantly shatter.

3) KO Punch

FFX Geosgano Boss Guide

Guaranteed to inflict Curse on a target. May also instantly kill anyone hit.

4) Swallow

Swallows the target, transferring all their buffs to Geosgano.

5) Regurgitate

The swallowed target can struggle for Geosgano to spit them out, though the target will be knocked out upon being freed.

If the target does not struggle, Geosgano will spit them out to deal damage to all party members equal to the swallowed target’s current HP minus 1. The swallowed party member will have 1 HP upon being freed.

Be careful of going all out on Geosgano when a party member has been swallowed, as Geosgano will regurgitate the captured ally and deal 9,999 damage to each member of the party upon being defeated. This will result in a Game Over despite having “defeated” Geosgano.


Do not use healing items during the 1st encounter

Geosgano’s attack will only halve its target’s HP and is unlikely to kill them after three turns pass, causing the battle to end automatically.

Bombard Geosgano with Elemental Attacks

Geosgano is extremely weak to elemental magic and takes massive damage from it. You can dish out even bigger damage by using Rikku’s elemental gems, especially Fire Gems or Sunburst. This allows you to end the fight in only a few turns.

You can also equip weapons with Elemental Strike, especially Crystal Sword, to deal a huge amount of damage to the boss.

Another good strategy is to use Poison Fang to continuously deplete the boss’ HP, as it is not immune to being poisoned.

Begin the battle with Hastega

Give your party the advantage by having Tidus cast Hastega on everyone. Having equipment with Auto-Haste is also advised, as it gives you time to stack damage on Geosgano before it gets its turn to attack.

Use equipment with Stone Ward or Stone Proof

Petrification from Geosgano’s Stone Punch can be avoided by wearing equipment that has Stone Ward or Stone Proof. Upon being petrified, the target will instantly shatter and become incapacitated.

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