Act 6 Walkthrough – Thabes Labyrinth [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This article contains the guide for Thabes Labyrinth in Act 6. We'll update this article slowly as we go along.

Thabes Labyrinth

The Thabes Labyrinth is the post-game dungeon where you can earn a variety of items and Renown. This dungeon has a repeatable boss known as the Creation which grants 1000 Renown. Along with that, there’s also rare monsters that give at least 200-400 Renown each. Thabes has a large power spike; meaning, if your teammates are weak, get ready for a clean sweep. The few battles prior to this tower should be foreshadowing enough that you’re gonna have a bit of a problem.


Soldier 18 46 19 10 12 0 14 0 4 Javelin
Brigand 30 52 20 13 15 0 14 3 4 Devil Axe
Cavalier 20 47 19 13 15 0 15 2 7 Silver Lance
Brigand 26 52 18 11 13 0 12 3 4
Mercenary 20 47 18 18 20 0 14 1 4 Silver Sword
Fire Dragon ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
The Creation ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Basement 1

There’s nothing much to do here other than probably floor a few mercenaries and creeps. However, you will find two tombstones. At the first hallway, head straight up. When you reach the next map, head straight up. Then, make a right until you see another hallway. Take that hallway before making another right while heading straight through the hallway.

Basement 2

On the second floor, you’ll find a Silver Sword. If you want to get there, first head straight past the tombstone. Once you get past the tombstone, head straight until you find a forked pathway. One pathway leads you to the Silver Sword. The other one, moves you to the next floor. If you’re facing the wall, head there before making a right. It should lead you to the Silver Sword. After getting the Silver Sword, head back to the forked path and then take the path that leads to another hallway. There, you’ll find another tombstone that marks the end of Basement 2.

Basement 3

Upon reaching Basement 3, you’ll notice the room is rather circular in shape. Head out to the only exit before finding yourself in another hallway. Once you reach the next map, first head straight up. You’ll then find yourself in another room with two Sacred Springs: one with Skill and another with Luck. After that, head back to the forked path and turn left if you’re coming from the Sacred Springs room. Follow the path until you reach the exit that leads you into the next tombstone room that marks the end of Basement 3.


Basement 4

First, follow the path past the tombstone. At the second map, you’ll find yourself at an intersection again. If you turn left, you’ll find two Sacred Springs carrying Skill and Attack. Like any spring, it has only three charges so spend it wisely. After grabbing the springs, head out of the hall and into the third map. Once you head into the third map, there’s a forked road. If you take the path on the right, it’ll lead you to a room with boots. However, turning left – you’ll head towards the exit which will lead you to Basement 5.

Basement 5

Part 1

This is the map halfway through the labyrinth. First, look for the only exit in that room before heading into the next hall. Once you reach the hall, you’ll find yourself at a “T” shaped path. If you turn left, you’ll only find a Tombstone. So, make a right and head into the second part of Basement 5.

Part 2

Once you get into the hall which marks the second part, follow the path. There’s only one way out before finally reaching this long stretch. Upon reaching the stretch, there’s a Fire Dragon at the end of the hallway. Behind the room that contains the Fire Dragon, there’s a Sage Shield. Grab that before heading into the next room that has a tombstone that marks the end of Basement 5.

Basement 6

Once you hit B6, grab the two springs behind you containing Def and HP. After that, head out and follow the path until you reach a split hallway. If you’re facing the wall in front, on your immediate right, there’s a room containing a Blessed Bow. The next corner at the end of the hallway leads to the exit of Basement 6 and into Basement 7.

Basement 7

As you reach the Seventh Floor, there are three pathways. First, make a right which then takes you down a hall. This hall then leads you to a room with a Gold Mark. After that, return to the hallway and head towards the left. When you reach the left side of the floor, you’ll spot a path behind you and another one in front of you. If you’re facing the wall, head right. That will lead you to another hall which all you have to do is follow the pathway that leads you to the exit out to the 8th Basement.

Basement 8

Basement 8 is pretty straightforward. Just watch out for the incoming mercenaries and enemies. If you find some barrels/urns/boxes to destroy, break them for some items.

Basement 9

Basement 9 is a big floor. First, walk past the tombstone. This leads you to a hallway where you again have two corners. The first corner on your right, head in there to enter the room with a Rusted Dracoshield. Leave the room and head to the second corner that leads you out to the next map. Upon reaching the next map, there are two corners again. The first corner will be on your left which leads you to a room containing Ambrosia. The last corner will then lead you to the second part of Basement 9.

This part is relatively straight forward. Proceed through the hallway until you spot a passageway on your left. That leads you to a room with two Sacred Springs boosting Res and Spd. However, take note: there’s a Fire Dragon in there so your choice to take the risk. After killing the Fire Dragon and grabbing the wells, head out before heading straight out the hall which leads you to the final hall of Thabes Labyrinth.

Basement 10

Once you reach the tenth hall then, congratulations – you’re at the last hall in Thabes Labyrinth. Head past the tombstone and into the next hall. There, you’ll meet the final boss – The Creation which gifts a Rusted Demon Ring, 1000 Renown, and the final Memory Prism.

Once you defeat The Creation then, congratulations! You finished Thabes Labyrinth! However, should you want to gain more Renown, you can repeat the boss battle again.


  • Bring your strongest units. Alm with the Royal Sword/Falchion, Celica with the Beloved Sofia, and (personally) Saber with Astra. If you want a tanky healer, equip either Faye or Tatiana with the Dracoshield. This should allow them to take some damage. For a glass cannon, you can have Delthea with the Mage Ring that expands her range. Thabes Labyrinth is a stage that makes you feel that you’re playing a turn-based Dark Souls.
  • Max out your charactersBy maxing them out, you’ll have better stats that will definitely sustain you all throughout.

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